I thought I was the shy girl in school. I always thought the guy I was head over heals for would never like me. I was the girl who no one talked to. The girl who was bullied. It all started since my dad died. But then he liked me.
And everything changed.


27. A Week.

Elli's POV:

A week. I leave in a week. One week. Next Sunday I get on a plane and fly to the other end of the country. I can't believe it. I'm happy to go to that college but I really don't want to leave.

I sigh as I hold Ashton's hand tightly as we walk along the waterline of the beach. "You're going to be okay." Ashton says. Somehow he always knows what I'm thinking about.

"I know." I whisper. "I really love you." I say.

Ashton smiles and runs his finger over the ring. I still can't believe we're engaged. That was the most happiest day of my life so far. In a few years, it will be the second because my marriage day will he the happiest day.

"What are you thinking about?" Ashton asks as I dig my toes into the sand.

"I just can't wait until we get married." I smile brightly up at him. Ashton smiles and kisses my cheek softly.

"I can't wait either." Ashton smiles. He picks me up, bridal style, and walks knee length into the water.

"Ashton no!" I laugh and squirm in his arms. Ashton laughs. "Ashton I swear to god-"

"Elli I swear to god-" Ashton mocks me. I laugh and he kisses me softly on the lips. I smile into the kiss and wrap my arms around his neck. "Let's go, I'll buy lunch." He whispers against my lips.


A smirk crosses Ashton's face. "El Bell?" Ashton laughs.

"Shut up!" I laugh as I eat a fry.

"Your dad called you 'El Bell'?" He laughs.

"Yes." I laugh. "When I was little he called me it all the time."

Ashton laughs and takes a sip of his drink. "Elli belly!" He laughs. I giggle and blush. "Aww, Elli Belly is blushing." He laughs.

"Ashton shut up!" I blush. Ashton laughs and continues eating his food.

"Will you get mad at me if I say Elli Belly at night when we're in bed?" Ashton whispers over the table.

"Yes, yes I will." I laugh.

"But it's such a turn on." He jokes.

I laugh. I can't believe him right now. "Oh my god Ash." I giggle.

Ashton laughs and after a while we both finish our lunch. "What do you want to do?" Ashton asks as he leans back in his chair.

"Let's go home, but I wanna take the long way." I say. I don't know why but I love being in the car with Ashton. Him driving and his hand on mine. Somehow our fingers perfectly intertwined and the radio on. Our hums or both of us singing to the music. It's my favorite part of the day.

"Okay." Ashton smiles and kisses me softly after he pays the bill and we walk out to the car.

Ashton starts the car and places his free hand on mine, slowly intertwining his fingers with mine. Something's off. He doesn't seem as relaxes and the radio isn't on. "What's wrong?" I ask, looking over to him.

"Nothing's wrong," Ashton says. "I just, can we talk about what's gonna happen when you leave, like what our plans are?"

"Yeah." I nod. "I want you to come up during the summer, and we can switch every year." I say.

"That sounds nice." Ashton smiles. "You'll be home for holidays right?"

"Yeah." I nod and squeeze his hand tightly. I surprised I'm not crying right now. "I'm scared." I admit.

"It's going to be okay. Chloe will be at the collage that's only a couple miles away. I know you'll be okay." Ashton smiles.

I smile and lean my head against the seat. "I'll make sure to call you and text you every time that I can." I say.

"I'll do the same. I promise." Ashton says.

"Thank you." I whisper.


Ashton's lips trail down my jawline as he slowly sets me on his lap, his back against the pillows on the bed. Ashton slowly slides off my shirt as I slide off his, my hands roaming around his abs. I bring my lips to his, both of us moaning into the kiss and his tongue roams my mouth. Ashton runs his hand through my hair, pulling it off to the side as his lips make their way down my neck, making me moan.

Ashton slowly kisses me and then releases from the kiss. He watches me as I sit up, his hands trailing down my arms. He slowly slides my bra straps down my arms and I take my arms out of them. I slowly unclasp my bra and throw it on the floor.

Ashton pulls me close to him and kisses me hardly. I smile into his lips and slowly move a couple inches back to unbutton his jeans. I slide them off, along with his boxers and then slowly take off my shorts, leaving my underwear on. I get back on Ashton's lap and slowly start grinding.

"Elli," Ashton breathes out against my jawline as I keep grinding. I smile and kiss him softly as he moans into the kiss.

I slowly stop grinding on him and slowly take off my underwear. Ashton slowly places his hands on my hips as I sit back down on his lap. I let out a soft moan and so does Ashton. He kisses me hardly before I slowly start to move my hips back and forth. Ashton softly moans as I begin to move faster, his hands moving along with my hips.

I let out a moan as Ashton moves my hips up and down. I follow along with his his hands and lean down to kiss him. Ashton moans into the kiss as I begin to go faster, his lips parting as I kiss down his jawline.

"Am I good?" I whisper as I start to go as fast as I can. I moan against Ashton's jaw and rest my hands on his chest.

"Y-yes." Ashton whispers as he moans again.

I keep going as fast as I can, my back arching as I moan loudly. "Ashton," I whisper, closing my eyes.

Ashton moves my hair off to one side as he lets out a soft moan. "Go ahead baby." He whispers.

I feel my body stiffen and the heat rise in my core. My lips part as I release around him and Ashton moans loudly. I moan as I feel his body stiffen. "Fuck, Elli." He moans as he releases inside of me.

Ashton kisses me hardly as I slowly begin to just move back and forth and then slowly stop. I lay beside Ashton and he wraps my arms around my waist. "I should let you be on control more often." I giggle and kiss him slowly. "I love you." He whispers.

"I love you too." I whisper.

Ashton's lips trail down from my lips to my shoulder. I smile and run my fingers through his hair, his hands trailing down my back. "You're so beautiful." Ashton whispers as his hand slides down my side, tracing every curve of my body.

"Thank you." I whisper as I gently close my eyes. Ashton intertwines his fingers with mine, holding our hands between us and my head on his shoulder.

"Goodnight Elli." Ashton whispers.

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