My saviour


10. chapter 9

Niall's P.O.V.

As I was walking home satisfied with myself. I heard a siren coming in my direction. I looked to see if it was coming down the main road but it wasn't. Suddenly it came around a corner heading down the street I was walking on. I watched it continue driving until it stopped. I curiously looked over to see where it was and before I could read the sign I felt myself running. It stopped in front of the cupcake shop Addison worked at.

I continued running all the way into the shop to see Addison's friend being pulled out of the shop on a stretcher. She looked dead. I frantically began searching for Addison when my eyes landed on her talking to a emergency nurse. "Addison!" I yelled to get her attention.

She looked up and locked eyes with me, I saw a smile creep on to her lips and she said something to the man she was talking to and walked over to me.

"Addison are you okay? What happened?" I asked panicking.

"Relax." She laughed,"nothing happened Katie just got over excited that you were here and fainted."

"Oh." I laughed a little embarrassed.

"You seem a little worried." She smiled and poked my cheek.

"Yeah I was, maybe I can explain it on our date tonight." I said taking all my confidence to ask her out.

"Date tonight?" She asked.

"Yes, around 7pm?" I asked.

"I would love to Niall, I'm just not sure I'm ready."

I leaned in an whispered in my most seductive tone," I don't bite." I felt her tense but she relaxed.

"I guess it's worth a try pick me up at 7, I will text you my address." She said turning around to deal with the pannic behind her.

I turned around walking back to our hotel with a feeling of accomplishment.

I shut the hotel door as I walked in I turned around to come face to face with all the boys smiling like idiots," did I miss something?" I asked.

"How'd it go?" Louis finally said.

"Good." I guess I said trying to shrug it off knowing how much crap they would give me. " I gotta go shower." I said grabbing things out of my suitcase and walking towards the bathroom.

"What for?" Harry asked smirking assuming what I was about to say.

"A date with Addison." I said and shut the door.

Addison's P.O.V.

It was 7 and I had texted Niall I was coming to his hotel cause my apartment was not in a good state.

I knocked on the door and waited. I looked down at what I was wearing denim shorts and a white loose shirt with a mustache on it with some converse and my hair curled as I could only see the tips of it because it reached my shoulders.

I was pulled out of my thoughts as Louis opened the door. "Oh my god you guys look who is here!" He yelled pulling me into a hug and out of the hallway.

"It's my addiebear." He yelled and at those words I tensed up and pushed him off me. His face became serious staring at me looking for some answer. I looked around to see nobody else in view and I lifted up my shirt to reveal a huge scar on my chest shaped the letter 'T' for 'Tristian' and looked him in the eyes and said," he called me Addie."

Louis's eyes immediately softened and he pulled me into another much gentler hug and I hugged back.

Until I was pulled out of my thoughts by Niall's voice in the other room.

(A/N: So a date? who else gets the feeling this wont end well.Comment.)

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