My saviour


9. chapter 8

Addison's P.O.V.

After being let out of the closet I brushed off my pants pulling out my phone to see several texts from Katie say 'where are you?!' Or 'you are late for work!'.

"Oh my goodness I'm so dead!" I said grabbing my jacket from the chair Louis had put it on, starting to walk out the door.

I felt a hand grab me and pull me back. "Wait!" I turned around to meet eyes with Niall.

"What?" I asked in a rush.

"You said you would give me your number."

I smiled ,"fine Bubbles." I said and ran out the door.

Niall's P.O.V.

She ran out the door and I was speechless. Bubbles! What the hell was that supposed to mean?!

I couldn't let her get away. I had been dreaming about this girl for over a year and she is not just going to leave.

I ran out the door taking the stairs down instead of the elevator. As I walked into the lobby I caught her running out the automatic door.

I ran and followed her all the way to a little cupcake shop. I stood there watching as she put an apron on stepping behind the counter and beginning to work.

I waited until the group of girls in there left. After I was sure they were gone I walked in and up to the counter where a girl with dark hair was standing. She looked up at me and froze in shock.

She stuttered,"You're-you're-"

"Niall James Horan!" I saw Addison come around the corner eyeing me.

"You know my middle name." I smirked.

"I did my research." She smiled. Then looked at Katie who was still frozen in place,"you broke my best friend!" She yelled.

"Is she a fan?" I asked.

Addison just nodded her head, it was clear that this girl was a big fan.

"Why are you here anyway?" She asked.

"You said next time we met you would give me your number and you just said bubbles!" I said frustratedly.

She just chuckled shanking her head,"unlock your phone."

I gave her a questioning look.

"Just do it." She said.

I pulled out my phone unlocking it.

"Now go to contacts."

I clicked the contacts app.

"Now look for bubbles." He said walking back into what I presumed was where they made the cupcakes.

I went through my contacts until I found one named 'Bubbles'. I clicked on it and sure enough there was her number and a picture of her smiling and me trying to figure out that puzzle in the closet.

She walked back out and I looked up,"now that you have it can I get back to work." She laughed.

"Of course." I said walking by her,"thanks." I said and kissed her on the cheek walking out the door.

Addison's P.O.V.

He just kissed my cheek. OMG! Wait no you do not like him Addison! Oh who am I kidding yes I do.

"Holy shit NIALL HORAN for ONE FREAKING DIRECTION just kissed your cheek and he totally likes you!" Katie screamed.

I just smiled,"I will introduce you to Liam if you want." I said.

And with that she passed out.

(A/N: can u blame her for passing out I would too.Comment.)

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