My saviour


5. chapter 4

Niall's P.O.V.

I was laying in bed unable to sleep. My mind kept wondering to that mystery girl and how calm she acted.

My thoughts were interrupted by a familiar piercing scream coming from the room next to me. Followed by a loud crashing noise. It sounded as if it was coming from the room next door.

I hoped out of bed sprinted out of the room into the hallway. I saw the room to my rights door was open. I inched towards it until I heard yet another scream. I was shocked nobody else had came out of there room to investigate. But I pushed the door open further to reveal the same helpless girl from before laying there with her eyes shut as the guy over top of her through punches and hits.

I grabbed him off her throwing my hardest hit. Knocking him unconscious.

The girl still laid there with her eyes shut, I almost thought she was dead. Until her eyes opened. She looked over to see the knocked out guy and then up to me her indescribable eyes. I smirked and the words flew out of my mouth before I could think.

"Looks like I finally get to know your name."

She just looked at me almost shocked,"after all of that you just want to know my name?!" She screamed,"not who he is or what is going on?"

I laughed "that was my next question, maybe you should come to my room away from him and we can talk."

She smiled and my heart literally stopped, "that would be great" she said getting up.

It's then when I realized," oh I'm so sorry are you okay? Those were hard hits." I said grabbing her hand.

She laughed and butterflies filled my stomach,"I'm so used to it. Trust me my body doesn't even register pain."

"That's not something to laugh about. How can you be used to it? Who would-"

"He would." She said referring to the guy I had just knocked unconscious. "And that's a story nobody but me and him know, but just to let you know his name is Tristan and he is my ex-boyfriend."

I sat there shocked,"you dated him?"

She nodded her head, "did he ever do that while you were-"

"All the time." She cut me off,"but let's not talk about that. I want to hear about you and your amazing superstar life." She smiled.

"First I get to know your name.l I smirked.

"Addison." She laughed.

Addison, I thought. Such a unique name.

"But don't call me Addie or add." She added quickly.

"Why would I? Your name is to beautiful to waste with a nickname on." I said turning on the charm.

" Well as long as it isn't Addie or add, I don't care."

"So your ex?" I asked.

"Don't talk about it." She said as small tear droplets came from her eyes.

"I won't." I whispered as I leaned in to comfort her, wrapping my arms around her lower back.

She immediately pushed my hands off her and backed away. "I need to get back to my room, hopefully Tristan has left." She said opening the door.

"No!" I yelled shutting it before she could walk through. She stared at me in shock," you are not going near him." I said. I may not have known her for awhile but I felt almost as if I were her protector. She gave me a look saying I couldn't stop her.

"Well at least can we swap numbers so I know that you are alright?" I asked.

She just smiled, "maybe next time?" And opened the door walking out and shutting it.

I just stood there looking at the door praying for her to get back. And then the unexpected happened. A knock came from the door. I immediately opened not caring even if it was Tristan. To my pleasure standing there was Addison.

She leaned in kissing my cheek and whispering,"thanks for saving me. My savior. I hope to see you again."

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