My saviour


4. chapter 3

Addison's P.O.V.

I walked away smiling he was so cute! Addison stop! No boys remember! I rounded the corner of the hotel hallway walking up to an elevator and pressing the down button. I stood there tapping my foot when to door finally opened. Inside of it was a drunk Katie along with my grade school crush Jacob Moore. My jaw dropped.

"Oh hey Addison this is Jacob." She said as if it was nothing.

"Yes I remember!" I yelled as I ran into the elevator.

Katie just gave me a questioning look as the doors shut. She clearly was not thinking straight with all that alcohol in her system.

The doors opened in the lobby an I walked out, only to realize I had to stay here until Katie was done doing whatever it was she was doing.

I turned and looked over at the check-in desk debating whether I should stay here or not. But the thought of walking out and accidentally running into that guy scared the shit out of me.

I walked up to the check-in and began going through all the signing in and such.

"Here you go miss.barham, room 340." The worker handed me my room key.

"Thank you." I said taking the key walking into the elevator.

"Hold the door!" Someone yelled throwing there hand between the shutting doors stopping them. They opened and he walked in.

"Hunter." I stated shocked. Two in one day! Are you serious. Hunter wasn't my crush, he was my ex-boyfriend from high school who broke up with me and dated Katie then moved.

"Addison." He said in a monotone voice," are you staying here?"

"Yes." I stated.

He hit the open doors button before we started moving and they opened on the lobby.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"Getting away from you there is no way I'm staying in the same hotel as you." He said.

I just nodded as the doors closed. I tried to cry. Fearing I would run into somebody else I knew in the hall.

The elevator dinged open and I walked down the hall searching for my room. 330..... 332..... 334.... 336..... 338....340! I put my key in and pulled it out as the light turned green and I pushed the door open. I let out a loud sigh. I plopped down onto the comforter on the hotel bed.

I quickly grabbed my phone sending Katie a text,

To Katie: Staying in the hotel for the night when your done come to room 340

I pressed send and dropped my phone next to me on the bed. My eyelids suddenly became heavy and I felt myself drifting off. All of the sudden I heard a knock at the door. I forced myself up. I looked over at the clock 3am. Really? I thought, Katie had to come now!?

I opened the door, "Katie just come on-" my eyes bulged. Tristan was standing in front of me. He was another ex-boyfriend but our past was beyond dark and he scared me.

"Hello Addie, good to see you too."he said walking into my room. I put up my hand to block him but he just swooped under.

"How did you find me?" I asked I felt myself shaking.

"As if I don't keep tabs on you." E smiled a sinister smile.

"Get the fuck out!" I screamed. That set him off. He grabbed my wrist and pulled me towards him punching my stomach, legs and arms. He grabbed the lamp and started beating me with it. I was screaming. This could not be happening, I run into three boys I loved and get beat up twice! I finally stopped trying and let him hit me. I felt no reason to try, I might as well let him kill me. I shut my eyes.

All of the sudden I felt Tristan's weight lifted off me and a loud thud. I opened my eyes to see a bloody unconscious Tristan laying next to me. I looked up to meet eyes once again with Niall Horan. He smirked, "looks like I get to know your name."

(A/N: Soooo they meet again! Next chapter again will be Niall's p.o.v.)

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