My saviour


29. Chapter 27 FINAL CHAPTER

Addison's P.O.V.

I jumped up with a scream. I was in a bed. My bed and beside me was Niall but he looked older. I looked around the room and suddenly my heart slowed down and I realized I had been dreaming.

Niall opened his eyes and looked at me," Are you okay?" He asked.

I didn't know what to say. My thoughts were traveling a hundred miles and then they stopped. I realized what had happened. "I had another one of those dreams where I see what would happened if you had not come with me to the parking garage that night."

He frowns, "don't think about it. I was there and I always will be. for now dream about your future". He smiles and place his left hand with the all to familiar wedding ring on it over my stomach," out future" he smiles.

"We need to talk about that in the morning...I am due on Anna and Liam's wedding day and Harry and Katie's babies first birthday." I say.

"We will worry about it later. Just go to be for now." he whispers as I fall back asleep.

(A/N: so it's over!!! Sorry I rushed the end but from a certain point in the story I had planned this!!! Like, favourite and comment any questions.)

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