My saviour


28. Chapter 26

Anna's P.O.V.

We all were laying in the grass looking up at the sky outside Addison's dance studio. It was pretty much in the middle of nowhere. I was between Katie and Liam. Zoe was sitting off in her own world while Louis and zayn joked about something. Harry was making Katie giggle like a school girl. Liam held my hand and I just looked at the clouds making out shapes and breathing the air that was home to me.

"He has been in there awhile. Should we go check on them?" Liam asked pulling me out of my day dream. I shrug my shoulders unsure.

"I will go check on them." Louis says standing up. I'm pretty sure by the looks on everyone's faces they are just as shocked as I am. But nobody stops him. They just let him stroll on in.

We all sit silently in hopes of hearing something. Our chances are big because Louis is the loudest person on the god damn planet. All the sudden we hear a girly shriek and Louis comes running around the corner and collapses. "What happened?" Hollie says jumping up to his aid.

"They were....they were doing the deed." He says looking far off into space. Suddenly Addison and Niall come running around the corner.

Taking in the sight of things Niall is first to ask," what the hell?!"

"Louis are you okay? You just came in saw us kissing and ran out." Addison said looking at him. We all turned to him and his facial expression turned to a smile.

"I was just kidding but kissing is still inappropriate." He says in a serious tone.

"I bet it isn't in appropriate when u finally kiss Hollie." Niall says and I laugh as Louis tackles him and Hollie's face turns bright red.

"You guys we should all go before people see us and think we are a bunch of crazy people." I say standing up.

"Girls take the van to my house and boys take the SUV to the hotel. I think it is time for some girl bonding time." Addison smile.

"Never have I ever!" All the girls yell at once recalling one of our favorite games.

"Well us guys are going to have guy bonding time." Harry says and they all puff out their chest and try to act as manly as possible.

"Okay bye." Addison smiles kissing Niall's cheek, but before she could get away he grabs her and presses her up against the side of the van. Things were getting heated very quickly and we were all just kind of staring.

"Get a room!" Zoe and Louis yell almost at the same time. Addison pulls back and steps away, but not before Niall whispers something in her ear and her face just lights up at his words. I would have given anything to know what they had just said.

"Let's go!" Addison says hopping into the drivers seat.

"No way in hell is she driving!" Katie yells from back," Anna you drive."

Addison just pouts an slides over to the passenger seat. She turns on the radio and rolls down the windows just as 'Party in the USA' by Miley Cyrus comes on.

"This is my jam!" She yells. The car starts to pull away and she sticks her head out the window to wave goodbye to Niall. In the rear view mirror I can see him blow her a kiss.

"Why can't I have that?" I ask her out loud. I'm pretty sure the rest of the girls in back murmured agreements and she just states at me like I'm crazy.

"You do have that with Liam." She says as if it is the most obvious thing in the world.

"No don't get me wrong Liam and I have something, but you and Niall, it is like whenever you two are in the same room you are the only people in the room. You are completely open with each other and without a doubt are in love with each other."

"We are so open with each other because we knows each other's deepest darkest secrets. Ones we want to forget or ones we can't run away from. But most importantly we share a secret that holds us together." She says looking down at her lap. She had turned the stereo down as she spoke.

"What secrets?" Was all I could ask.

"I guess you will have to ask the right questions tonight huh?" She smiles and one keeps ringing at the back of my mind.

Never have I ever been pregnant.

(A/N: SORREH its so short, but i wanted to post something what did you think)

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