My saviour


27. Chapter 25

Addison's P.O.V.

I couldn't tell you how long it had been since I had been here. I looked at my reflection in the enormous broken mirror on the wall. I saw in the mirror a girl who did not look like me. She had dark bags under her eyes and her skin looked completely washed out. But when I looked up and behind her I saw a girl I had once known as me. Dancing and laughing with the boy she loved and looking at him as if nothing could break the two of them apart. But he proved her wrong.

I was sitting in my old dance studio it was only a short distance from my house and was shut down so I knew it would be empty. All the old dancers knew the back entrance and would sometimes still sneak in. I had not been here in ages. Last time I was here me and Tristan were still a couple. Him and I used to dance together here. The girl and boy I saw in the reflection was him and I before he changed.

Us and all of our friends used to sneak into the studio after it shut down and write in sharpie on the walls. My hands grazed over different quotes. Some I remember others I could only think were between only two people. I smiled and laughed as I read them.

'I did not fall off the chair! It pushed me!'

I laughed out loud to myself as I pictured myself. It was mid winter and me and Tori had a duo that involved me sitting on a chair. I had fallen flat on my face off the chair and Tori went out to tell everyone what had happened. I argued back the chair had pushed me and since then nobody ever let me sit down in a chair without a joke about it.

My hand grazed another quote one Tristan and I had written when we came here alone,

'I don't know if I will be with you the rest of my life, but I do know I will love you the rest of it.' ~Tristan

My eyes began to water. Tristan had hurt me, he had hurt me badly but In that moment all I wanted was him to sit beside me and say he was alive and getting help for his anger. Somebody to be the father of my child. I took out my phone unlocking it as I stood up. I ignored all the missed calls and texts and went to music. I looked in the mirror. I look behind me at the door frame that was open. I think of all the times Tristan would lean against it and watch me dance, smirking and making comments whenever possible.

I clicked on a song that held the memory of mine and Tristan's last dance. Forever this song will be what I listen to when I miss him. 'Heart by Heart' by Demi lovato.

The music begins to play and I kick off the flip-flops I had taken from my house. When the words came through the speaker I felt myself move in a graceful yet forceful manner. I couldn't ever tell you what I had done. But I knew I had danced my heart out. As the song came to an end I looked at myself then behind at the door frame.

Someone stood in the shadows.

"Tristan?!" I exclaimed not daring to turn around.

"No Addison it is Niall." Niall said stepping out from the shadows," the others are outside, they thought it was best I came in alone."

"Oh" was all I could manage to say. I looked into the mirror and the reflection of all the quotes. It is now that I realize I wish I knew all the stories behind all the quotes because I left without knowing what would make them smile.

"Penny for your thoughts." A voice says from behind me causing me to jump.

"About Tristan and other things.." I manage to say.

"Don't tell me you blame yourself." He says.

"No I'm thinking about all my regrets in life. How I never stopped to smell the roses. How I would lie to my parents daily. Or even how I never tried my hardest in school. But Tristan, he doesn't fall on that list. He did awful things to me. But...." I could continue.

"But what?" Niall asked.

"He...he saved my life."

"What do you mean?" Niall asked clearly confused.

"He saved me like you did."


"Tristan I don't want to live anymore. I have no reason. Nobody loves me nobody cares!" I yelled. I stood on top of a chair with a rope around my neck that was tied to a. Bar on the ceiling.

"That is complete bullshit." Was all he said. No everyone loves you or it isn't worth it just that I was talking crap.

"Name one person who loves me. Somebody that you can guarantee." I said knowing he had no defense.

"Me! God dammit how could you not know?! For years I have watched you date boy after boy! But I love you! I want to be with you." He yelled.

"Really?" Was all I could say to the boy I had been crushing on since I met. He said the words I had dreamed he would say for a long time.

"Yes. Now get down." He said jumping up and taking the rope from around my neck and pulling me off the chair.

"I love you too" I whispered into his ear with a smile.

*End Flashback*

"So if he were alive you would still be with him?" Niall asked.

"No. He did hurt me but I will love him forever. I just don't know how I love him yet." I say looking at the ground.

"Well how do you love me?" Niall asked using his fingers to tilt up my chin so I was looking at him.

"Like this." I said leaning into his warmth and kissing him gently and sweet.

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