My saviour


26. Chapter 24

Anna's P.O.V.

We all pulled up in the car to the hospital Addison was being released from today. Niall had gotten here earlier and would be helping her change and sign out.

We walked inside and to the elevator since we were here the previous way and knew our way.

We all sat quiet in the elevator. Addison had yet to tell us what she had told the police what happened those 12 hours she was alone with him.

The elevator doors open and I stepped out, the others following me. We walked down the hall to the room I knew was Addison's. The door was open so I stepped in.

The room was completely empty with the bed made. "Where are they?" Harry asked.

" I have no idea we were supposed to meet them here. Katie and Harry you both stay here and wait in case she comes back."

Katie stopped me from continuing," how about Zoe and Zayn stay. Because I might know some places they went."

"If I know Niall, he is either tried to get drunk or he is with Addison." Liam says.

" okay Liam and I will go check all the bars, Katie you and Harry check all the places Addison might be." I order. Katie just nods and pulls Harry out of the room.

I can't believe it. We haven't been in our hometown in forever and now Katie has to go and dive through Addison's past here to find her. But Addison's past is just the reason she left.

Niall's P.O.V.

"Addison are you sure it's okay if we are here?" I ask as we step through the back doors of her childhood home.

"We are fine. My parents are on a big cruise won't be home for weeks. " she says. Sitting down on the couch in her living room. She looked so at home. I looked around the room as I saw pictures if her as a child with her family then just alone ones of her and two other girls.

" you have two sisters?" I ask.

" yeah we haven't been close since I left though." I nodded as I continued looking around trying to soak all of it in.

I saw a picture of her, she was younger maybe 5-6 she was wearing a white dress sitting on a fallen over tree. She appeared to be talking to somebody facing away from the camera but nobody was insight.

"That is one of my favorites." She says from behind me it makes me jump a bit and I put the photo down.

"I was singing to myself while my sisters were climbing trees." She smiles at the memory. She looks so pure and innocent until I remember Tristan. After she told she was pregnant she begged me to take her home and I of course gave in.

"Hey sit there I want to show you something. Just a minute it is in the garage" she says and hurries away.

I sit down and pull out my phone to see a bunch of missed calls and texts. Oops I think I forgot to turn my ringer on after I left the hospital. Right then my phone begins to ring

Incoming call from Liam...

"Hello?" I answer.

" Niall where the hell are you?! We have been searching forever!" Liam yells.

" oh god I forgot tell you we left and came to Addison's childhood home. Meet us there." I say.

He gives and angry breath and sighs. " fine we will be there in 20 minutes." I end the call and look at the clock. It has been 10 minutes since Addison went into the garage. Maybe she needs help I thought getting up to check the garage.

I opened the door she had went through and found myself in an empty garage with the door open. "Addison?' I yell. Oh no I thought. She is gone.

Katie's P.O.V.

We pulled up the driveway of Addison's old house. I had been here so often throughout my teenage years it was a second home. My eyes darted to the black SUV I knew belong to Niall and then to the garage where the door was open and it was empty lacking it's usual 3 cars.

"So this is where Addison used to live?" Harry says from beside me.

Anna turned around from the passenger seat to answer him, "Yes we have so many memories here. Whenever i think of the times we would all hang together. I would think of this house." she smiles.

"So basically this was the party house?" Louis says from behind me. We had picked everyone up in Jason's old car. The state had released it to us, but Jason was still in prison.

"Something like that." I laughed. It felt good to laugh after everything we had just gone through. I felt free. I smiled to myself and pulled open the van door stepping out. I felt somebodys warm famailar arms wrap around me and harry leaned down and whispered,

"It is good to see you Happy." This caused me to smile even more and possibly blush. Anna and Hollie looked at me and laughed. I pushed open her door that led into the laundry room continuing to laugh.

I turned to look in the family room and my smile suddenly dropped. "Niall what happened?" Harry asks. rushing over to the boy i knew all to well curled up in a ball crying and practically tearing his hair out.

"She is gone." is all he could say.

"What why?!" I asked in a pannick/.

"I dont know we were going to talk about how to handle the baby and she went to get something in the garage and when i went to check on her she was gone." he choked out slowly.

"What baby?" I ask confused.

"Addison's baby."


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