My saviour


25. Chapter 23

Katie's P.O.V.

"How could you?" I asked. His face softened.

"Look I can explain but they can't know just step out of the van." He says opening his door and stepping out. I look at everyone else and they all gave me unsure looks I huffed and stepped out. This was Jason I had known him forever he wouldn't do anything to me.

"Okay tell me." I say shutting the door. He clicks a button on the remote and locks it. I give him a questioning look. Suddenly I feel somebody come behind me and place something over my mouth I recognize at Chloroform.

"Sorry Katie. It's for Addison's own good." He said as I slowly drift unconscious.


I could hear voices around me. I slowly opened and closed my hand eyes still shut. "I think she is waking up." One voice said.

"About time they will be here any minute." The other replied. Suddenly everything came rushing back. Where was I? Was Addison with me? I opened my eyes and looked around. I was in a small car, looking through the window I could see we were at an airport. A pretty vacant airport. "Get out." The guy says turning around pointing a gun at me. The other steps out and opens my door, grabbing my arm so I don't run off. I saw a white van approaching us. The kind of van rapist used I thought. It stopped in front of us. I could see the driver Aaron. He shut the engine off and hoped out. Going around back to unlock the back. I waited eagerly to see what was in back. Out came Tristan with a firm grip on Addison she met my eyes and immediately her head went down and she looked at her shoes.

She had been crying and it was clearly visible she was shaking. I couldn't blame her I was scared too.

"Plane should be here in an hour." Tristan said to everybody."In the mean time why don't Katie and Aaron get well acquainted. He needs a girl and I would love a neoce soon." Wait they are brothers? So that's where the creepiness comes from.

"No! Do not pull Katie into this!" Addison yells still not meeting my eyes. "It is the least you could do." She said and then crouched over holding her stomach and crying.

I ran over to her and asked what was wrong. I could clearly see blood on her shirt, a now white plain t-shirt Tristan had paired with some old sweatpants. I lifted it up and I'm sure my face looked mortified. On her stomach in cuts and scars was "Trista" almost Tristan he just had not gotten to the 'n'.

Somebody give me something to wrap around this. I yelled. I stripped off the jacket I was still wearing from the club we had went to, what seemed ages ago. I placed it on her stomach and put pressure like on cop shows. That's all I knew.

Eventually Addison could sit up. But that's all she did was sit. She didn't talk or barely even move. Suddenly a car noise was heard. Not just any car , Jason's van was coming towards us. I jumped with hope.

"God no." Addison whispered.

"Let's make this quick. But save the blonde boy for me. He is special." Tristan said as the van fast approached.

"Why does he hate Niall so much." I asked.

Addison finally looked at me," because he killed Tristan's other brother, Micheal. When he tried to rape me on the roof of the hotel." She said. And that is when I realized Addison lived a very dark and twisted life that seemed never ending. But after this day it would either end or continue forever. The van finally stopped. Niall was out of the van first. He ran to Addison. As the others spread out. He leaned in close to her grabbing her hand and holding it close to him. The others were quicker and smarter than I thought. Harry kneed Aaron in the crouch and hit him in the head with a metal pole on the ground.

Louis and Zayn tag teamed and took out both the other guys. I could see the girls calling the police and Jason sitting in the car crying. I just sat and watched. We were winning. Suddenly Tristan came behind Niall.

"Niall!" I yelled and he rolled off of Addison. There was a loud bang noise and then Tristan fell to the ground. In her hand was a gun. Niall must have given it to her. She finally did it. She got rid of him. It seems less than moments later sirens were heard.

Niall's P.O.V.

The rest of the day went by fast at the police station. Addison was hospitized and would be staying over night. But all seemed okay. We were going to stay at Louis good girl friend AJ's house and then see about tommorrow. It was one hectic day. Finally the girl I love can be I'm peace. We decided we would tell the full story once Addison was back. I walked into the hospital and to the elevator. I walked in and hit floor '6'. I waited as I slowly went up to the floor. When the doors finally opened. I was greeted by a very clean smell. I looked to my right and saw her door was open. I approached it, but as I got closer. I heard crying. I slowly pushed the door open.

"Addison what's wrong?" I asked. She should be happy Tristan is gone for good.

"Niall I'm pregnant. And it's Tristan's."


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