My saviour


24. chapter 22

Niall's P.O.V.

I was silent since we had gotten into Jason's van and gotten Zoe. When she got in the car and and told everybody she video taped the incident, I literally jumped from my seat next to her so I could see it. I wanted to see what they did to her when I wasn't there to protect he because I was so wasted. She clicked play and we all circled around.


It began with Zoe trying to tell and get Addison's attention to tell her that Tristan was coming up behind her with a gun. She didn't notice until he finally grabbed her and held the gun to her head. You could tell he was whispering things she didn't want to hear into her ears by her facial expression. You could see tears running down her cheek as the Aaron guy took her phone. He seemed familiar I thought. "That is the waiter from that restaurant!" I exclaim and all the girls nod. He takes the picture and then smashes it on the ground. He picks up the broken phone, hands it to Addison and takes the keys.

She doesn't even fight back. She is broken and because I wasn't there to help her. The video ends when Aaron turns and begins walking towards the camera.

"Wait!" Katie says," rewind it." She says grabbing the phone and rewinding it to about half way. She zooms in ad there is two males figures, one facing away and the other an recognizable guy. The guy facing away hits the other with something and he falls to the ground clutching his arm. The guy turns and runs while the other slowly dies. He stabbed him. She pauses it and zooms in even more on the fleeing males. I have to take a double take.

"That looks like..." I start.

"Jason." Katie whispers and looks at the guy driving the van. "He just murdered Hunter. Mine and Addison's ex." We all turned to look at him, but he had already stopped the car and was giving us a cold glare.

Addison's P.O.V.

The car ride seemed endless I would just sit and pray somebody would save me. Everyone in a while the car would hit a bump and I would come out of my daydream. After hours I slowly felt my body drift off.


"Addie!" I jerked up.

"What?" I asked looking at Tristan.

"We are here." He says. I look to my right and see a sight I have truly missed Kings Island. An amusement park in my home town, I had grown up going to. It was also where my friend Ashton had introduced me to Tristan.

"What are we doing here." I ask him. It is the middle of the week in September, it's closed.

"I want to show you something." He says grabbing my hand and helping me out of the car. These were the things I liked, when he was a gentleman. He dragged me through a door and into the park. We walked down the strip of buildings that lined the front until about half way. The fountains that usually sprayed water were off. And the crowds of people gone. It was peaceful. We got to a small statue by a shop and he sat down. I thought about running but didn't when I saw Aaron behind me. "This is exactly where I met you." He says.

I nod," how could I forget?" He just smiled.

"It seems you have forgotten all about me. At least tried." He says and I see how hurt he looks. Don't get me wrong I felt no self pity. But I thought it was best if I went with it and maybe, just maybe he will let me go.

"Tristan, I could never forget about you. I love you." I say as the words feel toxic in my mouth. But I know I have said the right thing when he smiles and stands up pulling me with him.

"Then run away with me!" He says.

"What?" I ask shocked.

"Come on you can even bring one friend. We will run off to England and start over."

"Wait Tristan I'm not so sure." I begin.

"Addie I know you were just lying to please me. We are going no matter what. Our plane leaves in 8 hours. Your friend is waiting for us at the airport." He says and pulls me along.

"Wait friend! What do you mean?!" I yell.

"You know it's a shame. Apparently everybody found out about how your friend Jason was a backstabber. Literally. Before you and he did his biggest betrayal, handing off your friend Katie to me." I was lost at words," he is good though didn't even hesitate to kill that Hunter kid when he tried to save you."

"He what?" I asked. My mind was throbbing from the info Tristan had just given me. Jason had betrayed me.

(A/N: so sorry it's later but here it is!)

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