My saviour


23. Chapter 21

Katie's P.O.V.

It seems as if since the moment Niall showed us that picture we became completely sober. We were all screaming and yelling about what to do. Whether we should go down and see of they are still there or call the police. The whole argument was interrupted by Anna's phone blaring 'kiss you' in any other situation I would have laughed but not now. We all turned to her in hopes it was Addison.

"It's Hollie." She said.

"Don't answer it ." Harry says.

"It could be important." She says.

"More important than Addison being kidnapped!?" Niall yells but it is to late Anna has already answered t.


"Wait what?!"

"Let me put you on speaker." She says and hits speaker placing her phone in the center table.

"Is Niall there?" Hollie says.

"Yeah I'm here." He says a bit agitated.

"I spoke to Addison. She wanted me to give you a message." Suddenly everybody got really close to the phone.

"When? What was it?" Niall asks.

"I called her just seconds ago and she told me to tell you Tristan and Aaron had taken her and were going to taker her to where Tristan and her had met. And Zoe was with her in your car." She said a bit rushed but I could still understand her.

"Where did they meet?" Niall asked her.

"I have no idea. I don't even know who those Guys are."

She says.

Louis leans over near the speaker and says," maybe you should come over to our hotel Anna will text you the address."

"Okay. Text me I will be right over." She says and hangs up. Anna grabs her phone quickly to text her.

"Where did they meet?" Niall yells. Then a look crosses his face. "She has her phone I can call her!" He says pulling out his cell and dialing her number placing it on speaker on the table.

It rings a few times until somebody finally answers," Addison?! Is that you? Are you okay?!" Niall yells.

There is a shuffling noise from the phone and another voice a deeper voice replies," I'm sorry. Addison is a bit caught up at the moment can I take a message?"

Niall looked like he would snap it was Tristan. "You! You sick son of a bitch! I will find you and kill you!" He screams.

"Oh Niall you are so näive. You can't save her." He says and then I could hear a thud noise come from the phone. "Niall I want you to hear her scream." He says and for a moment there is silence and I think he might be bluffing but then I hear the most definitive horrid scream that is my bestfriend's. All the girls just begin crying along with me. But Niall snaps he starts yelling at the phone as if it will help Addison. Finally the screaming stops and Tristan once again speaks. "Consider this your warning stay away. And Zoe is off exit 89 on I-75" he says and the line shuts off.

Somebody knocks at the door and Louis quietly says "I'll get it and heads off to greet and fill in Hollie."

Suddenly something lights up in my head and I bolt up. "I know where he is taking her! And it's in our home town. Burkwood."

"Okay let's go!" Niall says getting up.

"Wait!" I say "we don't have a car big enough for all of us."

"We can all just take cabs." Niall says.

"It's in ohio... I know our good friend Jason has a can that holds ten. I will call him. He won't say no." I say pulling out my phone.

*1 hour later*

"This is exit 89 pull to the curb." I tell Jason as he follows my instructions and pulls to the side. I now understand why they stopped here there was literally nothing in site but hills. Anna slides open the door and steps out.

"Zoe!" She yells and runs towards a lump on the ground. I run closely behind at our screams Zoe sits up. She has a major gash on her head and I feel bad for her. "Are you okay?" I ask.

"I will be fine." She says still clearly in pain. "Where is Addison? Is she okay?" Nobody replies and she pretty much figures the answer out on her own.

"Man he really nailed you." Jason says and Zoe nods.

"It's because I was video taping him-wait where is my phone?" She asks.

"Oh we found it in the ground in the garage it is a bit cracked but it still works." Anna says pulling it out.

Zoe hastily grabs it and unlocks it. "I was video taping what happened an I think I saw something that might help."

"Everyone in the car let's keep driving and Zoe can show you guys." Jason says and we all get back in the car and sped off towards ohio.


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