My saviour


22. Chapter 20

Addison's P.O.V.

I was currently sitting in the back of the black SUV trunk next to an unconscious Zoe.

After they had sent the picture on my phone, Aaron had smashed it to the ground in an attempt to break it and handed it back to me. Stealing the car keys from me and opening the trunk of the car where Zoe was looking through the window at what was happening. Taking a video with her phone. They grabbed her phone throwing it behind then not caring what happened then Tristan took the handle of his gun and pounded it into Zoe's face until she was unconscious.

But after I had been stuffed into the trunk they did not realize I had my phone and it still worked. The only problem was if I tried to unlock my phone my sliding it. I would severely hurt my fingers. Right as I was about to slide and unlock it anyway deciding it was worth it. My lock screen changed and the words

Incoming call from Hollie...

Flashed on my screen. I thanked god my ring tone was silent.

"Hey Addison what's up?" She said into the phone.

"Hollie I need you to do me a favor." I whispered. She clearly understood there was something up.

"What's wrong?"

"I need you to some how get a hold of Niall and give home a message, Tristan AND Aaron have kidnapped me and are going to take me back to the place where me and Tristan met. Zoe is with me in the trunk of their SUV and....and they won't hesitate to shoot him or anybody else." I quietly sobbed.

"Sure I have Anna's number do you want me to call her? Of course you do! But I can't hang up on you." She sounded panicked.

"Hollie relax and hang up on me and call Anna I know how to deal with him. I have known him for years."

The car stopped and I heard the passenger door open. I quickly hung up the phone before hearing Hollie's reply. I threw the phone to a random place in the trunk and at that moment the trunk door opened revealing Tristan. "Get out." He demanded. I didn't hesitate in jumping out of the trunk and looking around to see If I could scream for help anywhere. "Don't even bother. This highway is practically vacant."he said reaching behind for what I feared was a gun to shoot Zoe but a wave of relief washed over me when he only pulled out a pair of gloves. He placed them on and looked at me with a smirk.

"What?" I asked annoyed and scared.

"You aren't even trying to run. You just want to be near me." He said I didn't reply for the truth was I wanted to stay near Zoe so she didn't get hurt.

He picked up Zoe and dumped her onto the grassy area off the exit. He walked over to the trunk to shut it, but before he did something in the corner lit up. I silently cursed as he reached in grabbing my phone.

Incoming call from Niall...

He hit accept then speaker so in could hear as well.

"Addison?! Is that you? Are you okay?" He yelled.

I wanted to scream but Aaron who had just gotten out of the drivers seat held me back.

"Addie is a little caught up at the moment can I take a message." She replied. I cringed at the name Addie which then Tristan smiled satisfied.

"You! You sick son of a bitch! I will find you and kill you." Niall yelled through the phone. Aaron handed something to Tristan over my shoulder that I recognized as a knife. O god.

"Oh Niall how näive you are. You can't save her." He said grabbing me and shoving me to the ground. He sat on top of me so he was straddling me and lifted up my shirt to reveal the 'T' and 'r'.

"Niall I want you to hear her scream." He laughed into the phone. As he placed the knife next to the 'r' before he could do anything, I told myself I wouldn't scream for Niall but the moment the knife pushed into my flesh I let out a piercing scream. I could hear Niall yelling through the phone many things. I didn't stop screaming until the new 'i' he had made was finished. I laid on the ground sobbing.

Tristan stood up," let this be your warning don't come after her. Zoe is on exit 89 off I-55 come and get her and leave us alone." He said and threw the phone at the ground with such force it smashed into pieces.

"Throw her in the trunk." Tristan said to Aaron as he stomped off. I had just messed with one of his rules. "Never ask for help" and this was just the beginning of my punishment. He and I both knew that.

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