My saviour


2. chapter 2

Niall's P.O.V.

I walked into my hotel room for the night, letting out a deep breath and grabbing a bottle of water. Tonight's concert was fun. We had a very energetic crowd. I loved New York City. Well the good parts at least. I went to look out my window facing the bad part of town and noticed a girl about my age walking down the side walk. I couldn't see her very well but I could tell she was out of place.

I continued looking around when I saw some guys talking and one putting a gun in the back of his pants. I was intrigued. I continued watching him. He stopped right in front of the girl and started talking to her and being a little to touchy.

This isn't good I thought as I nearly flew out the door of my room, down the hall and down two flights of stairs. I got to the bottom and saw a door labeled 'fire exit' I pushed it open running through to find myself feet away from that same girl and guy.

She worrily said "I have to go." And went to run but the boy grabbed her and pulled her back. She screamed bloody murder.

"Let her go." I said causing the boy to look up at me,

"Oh really and what are you gonna do about it?" He asked approaching me.

"This." I said as I came at him punching.

Addison's P.O.V.

Niall began punching the crap out of him when the guy who grabbed me said," I will shoot you I have a gun." I froze my body couldn't move now not only was I going to die but Niall too.

"With what?" Niall said holding up a gun,"this?"

The guy looked purely shocked. "Get behind me." Niall ordered. I obediently ran behind him. He slowly began backing up until we hit a door. He kicked it open pushing me through, throwing the gun on the sidewalk and slamming the door and locking it.

We walked up the stairs in silence until he lead me out a door to a hall way with loads of doors which I presumed to be a hotel.

"Well I should go. Thank you for saving me I owe you the world." I said shaking his hand and walking away.

Niall's P.O.V.

"Wait!" I yelled. She stopped and turned around.


"Don't you want to come in I can give you some ice for that bruise." I said pointing to the huge bruise on her wrist where he had grabbed her.

"It's ok I'm used to it." She said and turned around.

"Wait!" I called out again. She turned around. "What's your name love?"

She smiled," maybe if we meet again I will tell you. As for now my savior it shall remain a mystery." She winked walking away turning the corner and was out of view.

I stood there as the word she just said to me replayed in my head. 'Maybe if we meet again' but then something else she said flashed through my mind, 'it's ok I'm used to it' something about that made me worried. So that night I fell asleep thinking about my mystery girl and us meeting again.

(A/N: so do you think Addison and Niall will meet again? If so where? And how? I think I know what I'm gonna do but please make suggestions! Comment.)

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