My saviour


21. Chapter 19

Addison's P.O.V.

As I practically dragged everybody out onto the dance floor a familiar song came on, I heard the all to familiar opening to the song Flesh(A/N: if u haven't hear it look it up it is AMAZAYN!) Zoe, Katie, Anna and I looked at each other and shared a look as if thinking all the memories this brought back of the times we would hang out and listen to this. To me it brought back some of the best and worst ones of my life. Katie must have saw the drop in my mood as my mind flashed back to the times me and Tristan had danced to this.

"Niall! You and Addison go dance!" She yelled. He just smiled and pulled me away from the group a bit and we began to dance.

Katie's P.O.V.

After I sent Niall to go make Addison happy again I turned around and was so close to Harry out noses were touching,"hi" I breathed. He just stared at me. "Do you want to dance? I mean I'm not very good but-" he cut me off my pressing his lips against mine. I literally have never felt that happy before. This is what I have dreamed of forever. He pulled back,

" I would love to dance." He smile putting his hands on my back and swaying to the beat.

The song finished up and switched to a song I have loved forever and I looked around for Addison cause I was going to make her do the dance. I saw her talking to a girl I didn't recognize with Niall at her side.

"Addison!" I yelled as I walked up close to her. She turned around to see me.

"Oh hey! Did you hear the song they are playing." She laughs. I nod and then shift my eyes to the girl beside her. She looks over her shoulder to see who I was eyeing. "Oh this is Hollie, we just met. You two would get on well." She says and leans over to my ear so Hollie can't hear what she says,"and I think her and Louis would be perfect together." She says and does this little happy dance.

Niall just smiles when he sees how happy she is. I smile as well I'm glad Addison has found somebody that is happy when she is. "Hollie put your number in my phone so I can text you," she says handing her phone to Hollie. Hollie took the phone and began typing in her contact she moved next to Addison and put out her phone to take a pic of the two for what I am assuming a contact picture. Addie said thanks and they said their goodbyes. By then gas pedal had came to an end. "Awe! I wanted to dance!" Addison whined.

Addison's P.O.V.

After gas pedal the DJ said something about all the girls in the middle but I wasn't paying attention I was to busy silently plotting how I was going to set Louis and Hollie up. Whatever they said got a reaction out of Katie because she grabbed my arm and pulled me into the middle where I saw Anna and Zoe, along with several other girls who were in the club. "Katie what are we doing?" No reply came from her instead 'me and my girls' by fifth harmony began playing. Anna, Zoe, Katie and I all screamed. A long time ago we had declared this basically as our theme song.

All the girls sang along and jumped up and down doing crazy dance moves. And at that moment of time life could not have been any better. The moment I thought that I knew I was doomed. The first time I said that was when I was four, five minutes later half of my face was bruised from falling into a table. Again when I was 12 I thought it and then my great grandmother passed away that day. To me that quote was cursed. And how I pray nothing will go wrong.

The rest of the night seemed pretty uneventful up until when we got into the car. I was not intoxicated and was nominated to drive. When we stopped at a red light I heard Louis scream something. I immediately turned around and was shocked to see in the very back seat Anna and Liam making out. "Anna! Ladies do not act like that!" I yelled. Niall quietly said go and I turned around to drive I only wish I could have seen the look on her face.

I pulled up to their hotel and stopped the car so the valet could take it. We all hoped out and walked in. We rode the elevators up together and I looked at all of us and smiled. This was perfect. "Wait....where is Zoe?" I asked.

Liam looked up in his drunken state ad slurred," she was sleeping in the car."

"Oh my goodness I left Zoe in that car!" I yelled as the elevator doors opened. I let everyone get out then got back in to ride down. I hit the lobby button and waited. Well I thought if this is going to be the thing that goes bad I'm fine. The doors opened and I rushed out. I stop by the valet and ask if I can borrow the keys my friend fell asleep in their. He just hands me the keys and I walk down the hill into the garage.

Once I get down there I realize I have no idea where the car is. I just walk around until I feel lost. I feel my clutch buzz and open it to see I am getting a call from Niall.

Niall's P.O.V.

Addison had been gone a while and I was a bit worried. Maybe I will just call her and check on her I thought. No, I don't want to be that guy. The over protective kind. But I'm her savior I thought and went against my brain and with my guy and called her. It rang a few times then the ringing stopped.


"Hey sorry it's just you have been gone a while and I was checking on you." I said hoping to sound non-clingy.

"I'm fine," she laughed, "I just got a littl-" she cuts off and I hear the noise of a phone dropping and her scream.

"Addison!" I yell.

No reply. I look at my phone and terror rushed through my veins, Call Ended. Maybe she just dropped her phone or somebody surprised her. I'm sure she is fine. I paced back in fourth in my room for what felt like forever, but in reality was only a few minutes. I can hear them giggling from the main room and then I hear my phone go off a little tweet noise which Addison had assigned as her text tone when she first put her contact in. I grab my phone and unlock it.

1 picture message

I open it and see a pictures of Tristan holding Addison tightly with a gun to her head smiling, and she is wearing the dress she wore tonight.

"Guys!" I yell running out of my room. "Look what I just got sent!" I said sliding my phone onto the table so they all could see.

"Oh no!"

"Oh god!"

They all yelled basically the same thing. "I know." Is all I can manage to say.

"Wait.." Harry says standing up holding my phone," who took this picture?"

"And where is Zoe?" Anna asks.

I just shake my head. I don't know.

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