My saviour


18. Chapter 16

Addison's P.O.V.

I woke up to a noise coming from somewhere in my room. My eyes took a minutes adjusting to the light. When I could finally see, I saw somebody had opened my blinds letting all the light in and my shirts were all over the floor. Katie. I threw the covers off of my legs and got up out of my bed. "

Katie! Where are you?!" I yelled through the apartment. I saw the light in the bathroom on so I aggressively walked up to the door and knocked.


"Katie stop coming in my room and taking my clothes you are waking me up." I yelled through the door.

"Okay." She said quietly. I just groaned and turned around heading back to my room. I searched through my pile until I found my red and brown top. I grabbed a bra and undies and my dark blue skinny jeans that were hanging to dry and head off to the bathroom. Luckily Katie was done in there. So I hopped in for a quick shower. Rinsing my hair and shaving. Once I was out I dried off and combed my hair out then got dressed in my clothes.

I took out my hair drier and began blow drying my thick dirty blonde hair that came just past my shoulders. Once dried I plugged in my flat iron and put some mascara and chap stick on. The flat iron seemed hot enough then so I straightened my pretty much already straight hair. Once done I looked in the mirror feeling semi-accomplished with what I had done and walked out of the bathroom grabbing my brown-heeled boots and sliding them on then throwing my coach satchel purse over my shoulder.

"Katie lets go!" I said grabbing my phone. She rushed out her room and out the door. I followed making sure to lock the door. On the ride down she was on her phone so I decided to check for texts. Niall had Texted me about meeting tonight at a French restaurant I had never heard of around 6 and then going to a dance club after. I simply replied a quick sounds great as I rushed out of the elevator behind Katie onto the busy New York streets.

Katie's P.O.V.

I walked out of the elevator after texting Jason I had to go. Me and him had been talking about Addison this morning. I went to snoop on her phone but she began to stir and I had to pretend I was looking for clothes. Jason said she had shown up at his building but left with another guy after only a few minutes.

"So Addison where were you last night?" I asked as we crossed a cross walk. "I was with a friend." She stated keeping it simple.

"We'll who is it a boy? A girl ?" I asked eager to know more.

"How about I asked them to come to dinner with us?" She asked. I smiled this is great she is finally breaking out of her shell a bit.

"Sounds great. So what ever happened with Niall?"

"Nothing we just weren't that interesting I'm each other she shrugged off nonchalantly. I don't know how. I just about died when he was a few feet away from me. We stepped into the cupcake shop and we both grabbed our aprons and began our long shift.

Addison's P.O.V.

Katie was in back making the cupcakes while I was in front taking orders. The day had gone by normally and slowly until a guy in a hoodie came in and gave me the creeps. I went to turn around to get Katie out here when I heard a thud.

Whoever the person was had fallen down . I rushed to there aid. They pointed to something across the room that looked like a pill bottle. I crawled over to pick It up and opened the bottle it was empty. I suddenly became confused. Suddenly somebody grabbed onto my ponytail and pulled me back and into the glass. I didn't have to think to hard to guess who it was. But to soon everything went black.

I woke up to the sound of an ambulance and Katie's scream she was standing there a few feet away from me. When she saw me get up she rushed over. "Are you okay?" She asked frantically. I didn't get to answer as the paramedics came to my aid.

They tried to take me to the hospital but I refused. I told them I was fine. The emergency lady patched up just a tiny cut on my cheek and put a bracelet on my wrist saying I had been helped. I went to get up and hunched over in pain. "Are you okay?" She asked.

"Cramps that time of the month." I laughed she just nodded. I walked over to Katie," let's just go home and get ready."

"Umm Addison your shirt." She pointed to where a huge blood stain was," are you okay?"

"I'm fine." I lied again, "just drop it, call Anna and Zoe so we can get ready I have a hunch there will be cute boys." I laughed and Katie just half-smiled and said fine.

Anna's P.O.V.

I walked through the door of Addison and Katie's apartment. I hear 'Me and My Girls' by fifth harmony blasting from Addison's room, sure to get her neighbors pissed once again.

"Katie! Addison! I'm here." I walked into the room to see zoe also sitting there. They were running around the room dancing to the song singing the lyrics.

"We get diva on it

We get queen bee on it yeah

We get britney, demi, one direction, bieber on it" Addison yelled jumping off the bed onto zoe.

They were both just laying on the floor laughing. Zoe got up and helped Addison up.

"So what ever happened to you and Niall?" Zoe asked sitting down in front of Addisons closet door that had a mirror on it and picked up a flat iron and began to straighten her hair.

"Oh he went home, i guess it was just a fling." she said holing a smile basically giving away her poorly told lie. But Zoe being her just nodded and smiled.

"Katie will you curl my hair for me? pretty please." she said giving her a puppy dog look.

"Fine." she huffs.

Katie grabs the heated curling iron and begins curling her hair. I sat down at the vanity and began my make-up. I put some smokey eye shadow on, then mascara and eyeliner. Then a little blush and some red lipstick that would go with the shoes i was going to wear. After endless chatter several hipthrusts in 'Rock Me' from Zoe and a bit of a lip stick war. We were all putting the finishing touches on our outfits.

Zoe was wearing a black and tan pencil skirt, with a tan one shoulder flowy shirt, black heels, tan eye shadow, chap stick, eyeliner, long straight blonde hair, she grabbed her black clutch walking out of the room first.

Katie finished up her look by putting on a leather studded jacket on top of her light pink dress, with her black sock bun and white eye shadow and mascara. She put on some silver bracelet and walked out following Zoe.

I looked over at Addison smiling at her phone. "So are we meeting somebody?" I ask her. She looks up nodding her head confirming my suspicions. I'm just glad she found a guy. She slid on her silver open toed heels, to match her black one sleeved dress. She had a light sparkly blue eyeliner, black mascara and pink shiny lip gloss on.

She handed me my red clutch that matched my red high heels that went with my black sleevless dress.

We walked down to the lobby to meet Katie and Zoe who were waiting with a taxi.

As we approached the restaurant i noticed a big group of girls with One Direction signs.

"I THINK ONE DIRECTION IS HERE!" Zoe screamed as we hopped out of the taxi.

"Hi ladies" I heard a voice same behind me and i whipped my head around and there stood the five members of One Direction.

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