My saviour


17. Chapter 15

Okay so quick note: This chapter is going to switch P.O.V. a lot but i am going to make it longer so I hope you dont mind....

Addison's P.O.V.

After the moment me and Niall shared in the rain was over, he brought me back to his hotel, rushing me past the other boys who gave us questioning looks. We were just sitting in Niall's room talking about nothing and everything. He would ask me what I wanted to do when I was older, and I would just laugh at his seriousness and reply I'm not even 21 yet! Then I would ask him who his first kiss was and he laughed telling me it was a girl named, Destiny and she was 3 years old. We went on for hours and the thing I loved was he didn't bring up Tristan or why i had been crying.

"So when is your birthday?" he asked smiling at me.

"November 17th." I smiled, my birthday was only two months away!

"Fast approaching, huh?" he smiled clearly seeing how excited i was getting over something 60 days away. Well technically 64 days. I nodded my head up and down really fast.

He just giggled at me, "When is yours?" I asked. He looked over at me and gave me a look that confused me. "What?" i asked.

"Are you seriously asking me that?"

"What?! You told me. Why cant i know." I asked confused why he had said that, i mean why cant i know his birthday?

"No!" he stops me from saying something else,"Its just i thought you were a fan because of the way you and your friends screamed when i left, i thought you knew."

I blushed at the fact he heard us scream and shook my head saying i hadn't the slightest clue as to when his birthday was.

"My birthday is September 13th, tomorrow."

I shot up from my position laying on the floor next to me, "Tomorrow?!" he nodded, "Why didn't you tell me?" i asked.

"Its no big deal." he laughed.

"Yes it is! Your birthday is in," I said looking at the clock that read 11:59 pm, "in one minute! What are we going to do this is your 22nd birthday and i didn't even know!"

Niall's P.O.V.

Addison just sat there mumbling about my birthday on and on about what she was going to get me. I finally just leaned over and kissed her on the cheek. "You are my present." i smiled.

"Awe," she cooed, " but I'm still getting you a present. But what are you doing for it? A fabulous party? Or a extravagant night out on the town?" she said exaggerating.

"How about dinner? Me, you and the guys." i asked something on the down low is just what i needed. She smiled when i suggested that, then something crossed my mind, "Are your friends fans?" I asked.

She just laughed,"more like crazy obsessive stalkers, but fans will do. Why?"

"Invite them to dinner but don't tell them about me and the lads and i wont tell the lads about girls being at dinner."

"Good idea." she smiled, then her face dropped," I have to go! Katie will be nagging me about why i was out so long. She knows Jason works in the evening and i have work tomorrow, but i will see you in the evening." She grabbed her phone and ran out the door of the room. I chased after her grabbing her hand and pulling her back around before she could reach the door. I looked to my left and could see the boys were still awake watching a movie. "Happy birthday Niall, I will see you later." Addison said as she kissed me on the cheek and walked out the door.

I smiled and turned to see all four of the boys with even bigger smiles on there face if that is even possible. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY NIALL!" They all yelled giving me a group hug.

Louis broke away first and waited for the others to pull back before finally asking, "So what are we doing for your birthday?"

Katie's P.O.V.

" I hope she is okay." i say to Anna who is still here after Addison ran out hours ago. Zoe had left about 10 minutes ago to go to her boyfriend Kyle's house, and Anna and I were just sitting waiting.

"Me too," Anna says with a worried look probably mirroring mine on her face," what did she get so upset about?" I felt guilty when she said that. I knew what was wrong should i tell her or should i wait for Addison to tell us both? I mean Addison would tell us right? Who am i kidding if she hasn't by now she wont ever.

"Anna look Addison is-" before i could continue the door to the apartment opened revealing Addison carrying a shoe box with feathers sticking out of it.

"What is that for?" me and both Anna laughed.

"You will see. Oh and I was thinking after work tomorrow, we could all go out to dinner or something." she seemed much more cheery than when she ran out the door. Jason must have been a big help. Wait it is 1 o'clock in the morning Jason was at work! That sneaky little girl. I will figure out who she was with and where.

Anna dismissed herself saying she would see us tomorrow, we both nodded as Addison placed the box in her room.

She strolled out and into the kitchen grabbing a water bottle out of the refrigerator. "I'm going to bed. Goodnight see you in the morning." she yelled walking towards her door.

"Okay night and i expect you to tell me where you were at work tomorrow." i yelled back and i heard her giggle then she shut the door.

Okay soooooo.....filler chapter but COMMENT. AND I WILL UPDATE EVEN MORE! P.S. I will be updating either again tonight or tommorrow!

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