My saviour


16. Chapter 14

Addison's P.O.V.

Once Niall was out of site Katie, Anna and Zoe began screaming and fangirling, I couldn't blame them. I knew they were huge fans and all. But quite frankly i was in shock over the past days events. I took in a deep breath and began screaming with them. We stepped back inside when my neighbor Miss. Weld came out of her apartment and shushed us. We stiffed giggles as we shut the door.

"Tell us everything!" Anna smiled as her, Zoe and Katie sat on the edge of the couch as i sat on the floor. I felt my cheeks heat up and i smiled probably looking like i was crazy. I bit my lip as my mind wondered to the events that had occurred.

"It was amazing," I smiled as I looked into the distance,"We danced and kissed in the rain. He is to good to be true." They all smiled and 'awwed' at the only words i could manage to say."

"good because i thought we had lost you when you stopped hanging around us and the guys. What was that about anyway?" Zoe asked.

"Remember she doesn't trust boys anymore." Katie said to Zoe in a knowing way. She looked back at me and the look in her eyes told me that she knew what Tristan had done. A long time ago i had decided to never tell anybody unless it was absolutely necessary. So far Niall, Louis and my friend Jason were the only three people who knew. Jason and Louis had both seen the scar and Niall had seen him in the action obviously. My only question was how did Katie know? I doubt Louis or Niall had told her. So does that mean Jason did? He swore he wouldn't, why would he do this?

My eyes began tearing up and i let out a loud breath trying to stop myself from crying. But i couldn't, large sums of tears began to stream down my face.

"What's wrong?" Anna asked, looking almost scared.

I couldn't stay here or else i would tell them. "I am going to go to Jason's." I said grabbing a jacket and running out the door. Once i had reached downstairs i realized it was still pouring down rain. I sighed realizing i couldn't go back up to the apartment without being bombarded with questions. I sent Jason a quick text telling him i was coming over. I hadn't been to his house since he found out about Tristan i was to ashamed. I ran outside quickly running down the block to the all to familiar row of apartments i had been to numerous times.

Niall's P.O.V.

I sat stuck in traffic barely a block away from Addison's apartment i was staring out the window when a familiar figure passed by. It was Addison running through the rain. Was she crying? Her face looked red and she was defiantly not wearing a smile on that pretty face of hers. I debated whether i should get out of the car or not. She ran towards a building but didn't make it all the way. She collapsed on the ground, sending me flying out of my car. I ran towards her. I wanted to wrap my arms around her and tell her I would protect her, but somebody beat me to it.

A boy about her age came running out of the building towards her. He bent down hugging her and pulling her up to her feet. He said something to her that i couldn't hear, he then hugged her again, kissing her on her hairline. And whispered something that i assumed was something along the lines of ' you will be fine'. He led her back into the building he had came out of. Who was he? How had in those few minutes Addison began crying and ended up at this boy apartment. I sat down on a bench putting my hands behind my head and my head between my legs. My phone went off and I pulled it out despite the rain damage it may get.

From Addie ;) : Free tomorrow night?

I didn't know what to reply for all i know her and that boy could be kissing in that apartment. I began to type back ' I don't know-'

I got another text from her. I canceled my draft and read it,

From Addison ;) : Turn around you idiot <3

I turned around and there stood Addison smiling at me. "How?" I asked her.

"Jason said there was a boy that got out of his car when i collapsed in tears, i just kind of hoped it was you." her eyes were still puffy and she was sniffling still.

"Don't ever cry over him again." I said hoping i was right other wise i would look like a complete idiot.

"Its not that easy."

'i will make it easy." I said walking over and grabbing her pulling her into a hug and kissed her lips gently pulling away."I will show you what its like to be loved."

Okay soooo...lovey dovey chapter! Drama is about to happen.

So what did you think of this Jason guy?

Well Niall is officially perfect!


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