My saviour


14. Chapter 12

Addison's P.O.V.

As Niall looked past me is face became red. I turned around to see what he was staring at. Tristan. I looked back at Niall and his face was even redder if that was possible.

He jumped up and lunged at him hitting his gut," you son of a bitch how dare you come here!" He yelled and threw another punch.

"Niall...STOP!" I yelled as soon as he heard my voice he turned around to meet my eyes. He backed away, Tristan just smirked.

"Addison he hurt you though." He said looking down.

"That one time you saw him hurting me that was the worst he had ever done its not worth it." I said lying and of he believed me he would no I was a liar as soon as he saw the scar.

"Ok" he said putting a bill down on the table, grabbing my hand and walking out.

Niall's P.O.V.

As we were driving home I couldn't help but think that must have been the worst first date ever. "Look I'm really sorry about that it must have been and awful first date." I said looking over at Addison.

She smiled and looked at me," I've had worse," she laughed," plus it was definitely unforgettable."

"I just wish there is something I could do." I said as the little sprinkles falling on my car turned into a heavy rain.

"Maybe there is." Addison smiled.

"What's that?"

"Stop the car." She ordered.

I stopped the car at her instructions and pulled over to the side," are you going to tell me?"

She just laughed stepping out of the car into the rain. I hopped out of my seat into the rain to following her actions," is this that part where you try to runaway from me?" I asked.

Her smile grew wider, "maybe, maybe not. But you know what could make this the most amazing first date ever?" She said smiling as she dance in the rain quite good I might say.

"What's that?"

"I have never been kissed in the rain." She laughed as she did like a double turn thing.

"Wow you can really dance."

"Well I grew up dancing, that's how I met Tristan."

I grabbed her hand and pulled her back to me," so how about that kiss?" I asked. She nodded and I leaned in and kiss her.

It was romantic no tougne or dry sex in the street it was perfect.

I leaned back and looked at Addison, wet head to toe with her hair and clothes clinging to her. And she couldn't have looked any better.

(A/N: AWW Naddison!!!! So cute :). Comment. Like. Fav.)

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