My saviour


1. chapter 1

I slowly pulled my car into the parking spot. This was clearly not a good part of town. I shut off the car and sat there checking the area for any dangerous figures. Coast is clear for now.

Before I forget let me introduce myself. My names Addison. Not Addie not add. Addison. Those nicknames bring about the worst memories I can think of. But the reason I am here in this scary as hell parking lot is because my friend Katie's ride fell through and called me begging for me to pick her up from the one direction concert here in New York. It doesn't seem like that big a deal to you but..... I live in Ohio. I got up at 2am in the morning and began driving here.

But back to the present. My phone started blasting 'I Want Crazy' by Hunter Hayes. I looked down at my phone to see a text from Katie.

From Katie: Concert just got out. Meet you out front my the flag in 30 minutes....maybe an hour if the boys I met are straight.

I laughed shaking my head. Leave it to her to be flirting around with boys at the hottest boy band in the worlds concert. I'm not a fan of one direction but I do have to admit they are hot.

I got out of the car deep in thought. It used to me who would go around flirting with all the boys until about a year ago. When I met the wrong one. Ever since then Katie took over my role and I would wake up having nightmares about things she didn't even know about. Things nobody knew about. But I admired her she had the bubbly, happy and flirty personality I used to obtain.

I continued walking towards the end of the street when I felt someone watching me. I turned around but nobody was there. I shook my head thinking I was being paranoid and turned around to continued walking straight into someone. "Oh I'm so sorry I wasn't looking I mumbled getting up."

I looked over at the person who I had just ran into he was cute from what I could see in the dark. He had light brown hair and some tattoo's, but something about him made me feel uneasy.

"No worries sweetie, I'm glad I ran into a pretty thing like you."

"Well you're sweet and sorry again I got to go." I said brushing off his flirting attempt and continued walking.

"Wait hold up how old are you?"

"19" I said a bit hesitant.

He smiled a dark smile,"so young, I bet you are a very horny little girl." He smiled.

"I have to go." I said starting to run away, but he grabbed me and pulled me back. I screamed out in fear.

"Let her go." I heard a voice say I looked up to lock eyes with the one and only Niall Horan.

(A/N: so first chapter! The next one will be Niall's p.o.v. And longer.)

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