Smile for me please!(A prince of tennis fan fiction)


2. Chapter 1(Part 1: The girl with mysterious play style)

Nage's POV!!!

Argggh!! I still can't get over on what happened yesterday!! I can't believe I was beaten by a mere robot nerd who don't even show a glimpse of his emotions!! I really wan't to kill that guy!! Do you want to know what happened?! Well it's just this simple!!


"Neh neh ryuzaki-obachaan! Are you sure that this Seishun Gakuen Academy has tough tennis players?!" I asked

"Hmmmm..Believe it or not they are really tough,they already won the National Tournament last year! They were gold medalist!! Ah! Souka! Come here at Seishun Gakuen when you are not busy and play with them!!You've been 2 weeks here in Japan yet you're still focusing on your training at handling your businesses..You need a break Nage,you need to indulge yourself! "hmmmm..sounds nice!! But I need to finish this first I guess?

"Okay!! Okay!! I'll go there obaachan 2 days later! And also I want to play too. It's just that I'm still busy handling paperworks from our company"I said

" you really are the next in heir eh?Princess Nage jaa~! I'll call you again some other time goodbye~!"

"Don't call me that! Haha.. Okay obaachan! Goodbye~!"I said as I hung up my phone.. Princess Nage eh? Not bad!! Hahaha..

2 days later..

"Oh Nage! I miss you! You've grown up!"ryuzaki obachaan said while hugging me!!

"Ryuzaki obaachan! I miss you too!!"I said!

"So where are the TOUGH tennis players you've been talking about?"I said stressing the word tough..

"So you don't believe me huh?"she asked..

"Hmmmm..well yeah!! Kind of! Hahaha.."I laughed and she gave me a death glare "Okay! Obaachan I'm sorry."

"It's okay! By the way here are the members of our tennis club and I am their coach!"she said!

"Wow!! Really?! That's great obaachan!! I guess this school will be my first choice!!"

"First choice on what?"she asked

"First choice for me to attend with!!"I said.

" do you want to play with them?!"she asked

"Sure! I want to play with all of your regular players!!"I answered! I know I may sound so boastful but I don't care! I am confident on my tennis skills and this will be a good training for me to defeat my greatest rival!!

"Regular players! Line up!" They immediately followed ryuzaki obachaan's order

"This is Shizuku Eltair Nage,her father is one of my students in tennis alongside with Ryoma's father,Echizen Nanjiro when they were still young, I'd been also Nage's teacher at tennis when she was only 5 years old,she plans on entering a school here in Japan and her first choice is our school Seishun Gakuin,I want you to have a friendly match with her! Don't underestimate her even if she's just a girl! Do you understand?!" Ryuzaki-obachaan said!

"Hai sensei!"the regulars answered,they look so kind! ^o^ except for the little brat that is wearing a cap and the cool man over there wearing glasses.. I can't read him! Tsk! Guess I have to play now!

"Yosh!! Who's going to have a match with me first?!" I ask them while I was smirking..

"I will play her first"said by a guy that is tall and has a spiky hair..

"No! I will play her first!!"answered by this bandanna guy. He looks a little bit scary but I admit he's kinda cute when he will take off his bandanna

"I asked her first!!"

"But I saw her first!!"

"Are you picking a fight you punk?!"

"Bring it on!!"

"Wait!!" I interupted them.."I'll fight this spiky haired tall guy first!" He looks happy huh?! tsk!"And then next in line is you!"I said while pointing at bandanna guy.. I picked spiky haired guy because he looks strong..

"Yosh!! By the way my name is Momoshiro Takeshi"he said,and we shake each others hand..

"My name is Shizuku Eltair Nage nice to meet you"and I turn my back against him and I prepare my things for the match and he also prepared himself for our match..


"Rough? Smooth?"he asked

"Rough"I answered and the result is smooth..he will serve first,and just by his aura,I can tell that he's really good at tennis,That's why I positioned myself now to hit his serve..And no doubt!! He's really good!! But I returned them!! He hit it again but it looks like it's one of his techniques. I heard someone said jack knife.But sadly I returned them in a form of chance ball,then he smashed it!

"15 Love!!"the umpire shouted..

"Heh?! Not bad!! But I already studied your movements now!!"I said with a smirk..

After 8 mins..

"Game,Set,Match! Shizuku Nage! 6-2!"the umpire announced! Yes I won! And that's not surprising at all..

"Next!!"I said!

"Fushuuuu!'"eh?! He's scary!! Kuwaii!! But I don't care!! I'll try to beat this snake in just 10 mins!!! >.<

"Omaewa!! Anata no namae wa?"i said!

"Kaidoh Kaoru"he answered..

"Yosh!!Let's start this!!"

I served the ball first! I used my special technique called Sharp Ball.. My technique is like a twist serve of my uncle Nanjiro Echizen,but I think mine's have a lot of more power and speed..Once you hit the ball,just one wrong move and it'll be my score,so they need to be careful on my technique.

And as expected! He didn't hit it right!

"15-love!"said the umpire,and I served the ball again using my technique

"30-love!"and two more serves until our score is set..

"Game point! Nage! 1-0"yosh!! Now it's his turn to serve..

"Shinei!"he said while serving the ball..tsk!! It wasn't that hard hitting it! But he used his special technique and I didn't hit it! It was like a snake! And I didn't even see that coming..

Then he served the ball again,I hit it! But he then returned it with his technique..Two more serves of his and two more hits of his technique until our score on the second set is served..

"One All"the umpire said!!

Heh!! I already unlocked the code to his techniques!!

"Yosh! Get ready Mr.Kaido!"

And after 10 minutes we already finished our game and the score is also 6-2

After 2 hours I already defeated the 6 members of them..

Yes! You are right! Even the little kid named Ryoma!! I still can't believe he's Uncle Nanjiro's son!! I admit he's strong.. Our score is 7-6. And now! All that's left is their captain! Heh! This will be easy.

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