Smile for me please!(A prince of tennis fan fiction)


1. Prologue

Title:Smile for me please!(Prince of Tennis Fanfiction)

Genre:Fanfiction,teen fiction,romance,sports,Action


I'm a princess!

Not because my parents are king and queens,but because of our..well let's just say wealthiness.

Yes! We're rich! We have so many companies and businesses! We can buy anything we want! We can go anywhere!Have luxurious cars! We have so many mansions!And have vip passes on wherever we go!

I know that some of you thinks that I'm lucky but you're wrong!

Once you've been a princess

Every move that you will do is limited

You can only be friends with the same status as you

Some of the people you will meet will only like you because of your treasures

And most of all!

Being a princess They will have high expectations to you

Of course! A princess must be always close to perfection!

She must have pride on everything she does,and that sucks!

Because the more you do these things

The higher the expectation gets!

Well my life is like a canvas that has nothing with it! Just plain white,but since someone put some colors in it,that means new people came and taught me to learn how to enjoy and love my life

Wanna know why I enjoy it?!

It's because even if me and my family are far from each other,we still have communications and love each other.

They accept me for who I am,and I don't need to reach their expectations because they know that I hate it!

They just letting me do what I want!

I'm not a spoiled brat!

I'm just a boyish girl with a long straight silky black hair,tanned color skin that has scars because of all the troubles I went to when I was a kid,and has an average face.Not so princess type right?! Yeah I know! Everyone thinks that I'm just an average sporty girl but who cares anyway!

And wanna know why my boring life change into a awesome life?!

Its because of him!

And because of that sport

I met my Prince of Tennis


Disclaimer:I don't own Prince of Tennis okay?! They all belong to my favorite author Konomi Takeshi.

A/n:Hi guys! Well as you see.. Echizen Ryoma will not be the "Prince of Tennis" of the protagonist here.But don't worry tezuka-kun has no plan on getting echizen's throne! ^_^ hope ya guys love it!

But before the story starts

"Dont expect to much! Because the higher the expectation the more disappointment you get!"

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