The Divergent Weasley Kid

Jessie Bane has to choose between her blood, or the faction she desperately wants to be in. Is she willing to leave her parents and her best friend, Emma? It will she stay?


1. Aptitude Test

I am standing in line, waiting to take my Aptitude test. I am Abnegation, the selfless. There is also Amity, the kind; Dauntless, the brave; Erudite, the intelligent; and finally Candor; the truthfull. There is a person in the testing room, which makes it my turn next. After a while he comes out, and a voice calls my name.

"Jessamine Weasley."

I glance to the side, where my sister stands. She nods to me and I walk in. There is a woman standing there. She has curly black hair with blue gray eyes. She has very pale skin and she wears a black shirt with jeans.

"Sit down." She gestures to the chair. Run! Never trust those chairs!  I think, but I sit anyway. She walks over and twirls my red hair. "I like your hair." She says. "Now drink this." She hands me a blue drink. I obediently drink it. Suddenly I am in a room of mirrors. I look down. We Abnegation do not look in mirrors. It is selfish, opposite of what we are. When I look up there is a man standing there, holding a knife and meat.

"Choose!" He shouts at me. I just stand there. He disappears and is replaced by a growling dog. I know nothing of dogs. I lower myself to the ground and makes myself look less threatening. The dog stops growling and walks to me.

"Hello doggy!" The seven year old me is tandig there, calling the dog. It growls an runs at her, or me really. I run with the dog and tackle it. The girl, well little me, and the dog disappear. Now a man is standing in front of me, and is holding a newspaper. He is showing me a picture. A picture of my best friend, Emma.

"Do you know her?" He asks, violently shaking the paper.

"No." I say, looking calmly into his eyes. No way am I Candor. I think. The man disappears and I am back with the woman. She is leaning over a computer, typing in something I can't see. What I can see is a tattoo of three birds. She looks at me and I look away.

"What are my results?" I ask.

"Dauntless. And Abnegation. And Amity. And Erudite." She says.

"I can't have four." I say.

"Yes you can. It's called Divergence. Jessie, you are Divergent. You can tell no one. I typed your scores in as Abnegation." She shoves me out the back way. "If anyone asks say you got sick from the drink." And then she was gone.

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