Amelia had a horrible past, her parents didn't care much about her and her high school years were hell. She has finally gotten out of the house and adjusted to college life and thinks that she has found all of her friends and knows who she can trust. But things take a horrible turn when her room mate moves to Colorado and she has to find a new one.


1. Searching

"But I've been looking for 2 months and still no one" I tell my sister, desperate for help. She'e been through this she'll know what to do. "You know you could just live alone Amelia" she says to me. "Yeah I know that I could, but I would rather not. I don't like being alone, you know that" I remind her. "Well, I don't really know what else to tell you, you're doing all you can. Try reposting the add and everything and since it's getting closer to the start of classes, someone is bound to still need a roommate, that's the most you can do." She tells me. I'm quiet for a moment, frustrated at the fact that she's right, I can't do much more. I hear a door open and close and my sister breaks the silence "Look Amelia, I have to go, Andrew just got home and I need to finish making dinner. I hope you get this all figured out. Keep me updated." "Okay... Thank you, I will. Tell Andrew I say hi. Talk to you later." I say slightly disappointed. "I will, bye" she says hanging up the phone. I lock my phone and set it down on my bed next to me and open up my computer pulling up the advert and deleting it. Only to repost the entire thing. After reposting it I open up the resume I was working on so I could hopefully get a better job than just working in the Jefferson meal hall cleaning dishes after my classes on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays for 4, maybe 5 hours. I glance at the clock in the bottom right corner of my laptop screen. It reads 6:34 pm. I set my computer to the side and go to the kitchenette in my two bedroom apartment to make a quick grilled cheese sandwich for dinner. After I make my sandwich and some tea I sit down in my favourite chair and turn on the TV and open Netflix and continue watching Psych as I have been for the past few nights. I had gone through about 4 episodes and I faintly hear my phone ringing from my room. I pause the show and get up and quickly walk to my room hoping to catch it. I got to my room just in time. "Hello?" I answer. "Hey Mels! Its Georgia!" the peppy voice on the other line says. Georgia was my old roommate. "Georgia! I miss you already! How was your flight?" I ask her. "It was pretty good, there was a little boy a few rows up from me who was so excited to be on a plane for the first time and wouldn't stop asking questions and jumping around. Although it was quite cute after about 10 minutes it got a bit annoying." I laugh at her story and she laughs as well. "I'm going to miss you so much here Georgia. Its just not the same without you." I say kind of bringing down the mood. "Hey, head up silly. 3 years with me, you can make it through this last one with out me and I will be here for you the whole way. I am always just a phone call away. Never forget that" Georgia tells me, cheering me up. "Thank you so much" I tell her. "No problem, anything for you. So have you found a new room mate yet?" she asks. "Not quite yet, but hopefully I'll be able to find one before the 24th." "I know you will, anyone would be lucky to have you as a room mate" "Thanks Georgia, you're too nice" I tell her smiling and only missing her more. "Well, its getting kind of late here and I have a lot to do tomorrow, so I should go." she tells me. "Okay" I say walking back out to the front room "Ill talk to you later." I add. "Soon" she says hanging up the phone. I smile and lock my phone and set it down once again. Georgia was literally the best person I had ever met and we were so similar and worked so well together. We both weren't into partying and cared a lot about school and getting out of here so we could start our life. She had been my room mate since our freshman year when her and I just happened to get put together in the dorms and liked each other so much that we stayed together since. She was a petite girl with dark brown curly hair and was the captain of the cheer squad last year (and would have been this year too if she hadn't moved away). I missed her like crazy and wished she hadn't moved away but it was better for her to finish up her last year in Colorado than here in California. I was happy for her but sad to see her go. I looked down at my phone and had a few notifications from instagram and one new email I glance at the clock at the top of my lock screen: 10:48. Oh, Georgia was right, especially with the time difference. I decide to check my email and then go to sleep. I unlock my phone and open the email app. It's from an address that I don't know. The subject line reads "room mate". "Finally!" I think opening it up and quickly reading it. The girls name is Elizabeth and she is in her third year of college. No one is gonna be able to replace Georgia but I'm desperate for a room mate and shes the only one who has responded so I have to accept her. I email her back and set up a day for us to meet and go get coffee tomorrow at 1 after my classes and ask her if it works for her. Hopefully it will and I will meet her and it will all work out. One can hope.

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