Will you wait?

Georgia Fisher, is a freshman at Finish High School in Lose Angels, her life is all as she wants until she encounters someone who will change her life forever.


1. Chapter 1

Georgia POV

To be completely honest with you, nothing ever goes on here. I know everyone talking about how LA is THE place to be and that everything is sooo cool, but really its like any other town. Its full of hot guys, bitchy girls, sweet guys, sweet girls, jocks blah blah life in general. I choose to keep with the people i get along with (jocks) i not really leave my little environment of people. I go to high school, im a freshman now yeah, get good grades, go to sports, and then come home and chill. Its a pretty casual routine if you ask me.

A little about myself and life i guess, im 5'6, light brown hair, hazel eyes, olive tan skin, straight white teeth, in good shape, i play loads of sports, and in 14 and a half at the moment. I have two siblings, my older brother, Finn, and my other older brother Marcus. Georgia, Finn, and Marcus. Finn is 16, has dirty blonde/brown hair, blue eyes, tan skin, straight white teeth, hes about 6'2 and plays hockey. Marcus is 17, he has brown hair and green eyes, tan skin, nice teeth, and hes around 6'0 even. Marcus plays hockey and lacrosse aswell.

Finn has a girlfriend who is honestly the best ive ever met! His past girlfriends have been either awkward or bitches. But this time he finally got it right, her name is Isabella and she is a sophomore aswell as Finn. To be honest her and i look like twins, we often get people asking if we are related. She plays on my soccer team and my surf team aswell. So i believe they should have dated a long time ago because weve known her for years now.

Marcus is currently sinlge, but he tends to bring home random girls that none of us really know! Which is somewhat sketchy in my opinion. But he does what he wants. my mum doesnt really pay attention much. My dad isnt around anymore since they had the awful divorce a few years back. My dad and his wife now moved a few hours away in the hills, and my mum took the beach house, the summer home, and the regular home that we have. My dad still own the winter house so we join him for snowboarding and skiing.

Right now its going into the summer between freshman and sophomore year, but like two more months to go. Im super super ready for summer. My closets friends, Maya, Nia, Greyson, Kaleb, and Leo are going up to Maya's summer house in palm springs. 

To be completely honest, im kinda nervous for it. I've been great friends with all these people for too long, but ive always had a bit of a crush on Greyson. I think he likes Maya, but you never know. This summer is defiantly going to be a good one, let alone interesting.


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