my little demons

Hello my name is Hayley and people think im an average girl but im not my one secret is I have a demon inside my soul and her name Faith so dont make me angry or you might regret it. I have been hurt alot but will this one guy change that and help me show my true self and not hide inside myself.


2. beginning of a new day

 Hayley's P.O.V

I was in the canteen with josh and jen we only just started our last year of college we all asked our self's what will happen after college.

Josh: so what you both thinking to do after college is over.

Jen: Josh you do know we only started our last year this year

Josh: I know I just wanted to know what you both will be doing

Hayley: well I was thinking to carry on as a games artist and go to university but if that doesn't work out then work for a company that would try and take me on

Jen: Hayley you do know it's difficult to get into one of them companies

Hayley: well Jen you know I love a challenge

Josh: What about you Jen?

Jen: I'm thinking to writing comic books

Hayley: That sounds fun I'll read your comics what about you josh

Josh: don't judge but I want to try out to be a doctor

Hayley: Now that's a challenge Jen

Jen: So Hayley have you learned how to control Faith yet

Hayley: not quite but we are progressing slowly.

I look at the time and I realise it's time for Maths.

Hayley: sorry guys it's maths now we got to go

Jen: ok come on Josh you always take long

Josh: it's not my fault this hair is everywhere.

We finally get to class but when we got through the doors it seems like someone has taken our seats.

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