my little demons

Hello my name is Hayley and people think im an average girl but im not my one secret is I have a demon inside my soul and her name Faith so dont make me angry or you might regret it. I have been hurt alot but will this one guy change that and help me show my true self and not hide inside myself.


1. prologue

Hello Im hayley and my best friends are Jen and Josh, one of them are just like me meaning Jen has also a Demon  called Akefia while mine is Faith. Josh is full mortal he doesnt have any powers or demons but I am not sure of a guardian angel though, anyway time to show you mine and my friends Bio.

Name: Hayley Jones


Eyes: blue but turns red when im angry

hair: black with purple highlights, meduim length

height: 4ft 10 (yes im small)

demons name: Faith

Name: Josh Glasgow

Age: 17

Eyes: brown with a hint of green

Hair: brown hair also dip dyed red, long and wavy

height: 5ft 8

Name: Jen smith


Eyes: one eye brown and the other greyish brown

hair: long brown hair

height: 5ft 7

demons name: Akefia

now must get on with the story hate to keep you guys waiting.

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