Out of my limit

We have been bestfriends for two years and he still hasn't notice me.
But I guess I'm used to it I mean he's popular and I'm a nerd.
I guess hes out of my limit.


4. First day back to school

Alex's P.O.V

I got off the bus and got into the school. I am so scared that ill run into Luke and make a fool out of myself. I went into homeroom to get my schedule when I run into someone that was exiting." Oh, hey Alex. How you doing?" I look up to see Luke.

We really didn't talk much over break cause he was busy with his band." Hey, I'm good. How bout you? How's you band?" I asked looking at my schedule. I have

1°- AP Science

2°- AP Socal Studies

3°- Music

4°- AP Reading

5°- French


7°- AP Math

"The bands good, we are starting to get more gigs. Me, I'm okay." He said but, only to leave me cause his group called him over. I would never belong in the popular group. I am to awkward and nerdish. I just walked into my science class.

All we did today was go over rules, so much fun! Sarcasm. That's how the whole day was rules and more rules. Well music was different, Luke and his band is in there. We listened to music and got our projects.

I have to find a song that represents me, then perform it in front of the class. Honestly, I'm scared to do this but, I know I can do it. I finally got home and when I went inside Mrs. Hemmings was there. "Hey Alex, how are you! I barely see you anymore!" She said giving me a hug.

"Hi, I'm good. I know I miss seeing you too." I said pulling away from the hug. We were talking when I got a text.

Luke- Hey do you want to come over? I want to introduce you to the band,

I didn't know how to answer. If I go over there I will feel out of place. My mom knows what's going on so, I gave her my phone. She just nodded like she was saying just go.

Me- Sure Ill be over there in 10 minutes.

After that I got into my car and left. I had to ride the bus to school cause my car was getting fixed. As I was driving I couldn't help but, think of everything that can happen over there.


Hey its @Princess Irwin. I will just be using my name Caitlin. I hope you enjoyed the chapter!

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