Artemis, Morrigan, Calypso, Jade, Tumi.

So many names, so many people, but in reality she's one person. One person who has lived through eternity.


1. Prologue


The boy was working late again, his esrs ddrooping from weariness as he wrote out the last page of his draft-essay. He scrubbed his eyes and sighed; this was the fourth time this week alone that he had stayed awake past midnight. 

Looking away from dimly lit desk, he glanced towards the window to feel the cold night air on his face. As he turned back, he glimpsed a flash of colour put of the corner of his eye. At first he dismissed it as a delusion of his sleep-deprieved brain, but when he heard a faint thud he knew that it was no hallucination.


Whipping his head round, the teenager saw the dark hair, the athletic body, the lushous lips and ivory skin of the girl and he fell. Deep into an entrancement, the boy knew one thing and one thing only- he would do anything for this girl. As her hands left his desk to cup his face as her breath fanned across his neck, the bit plunged into unconsciousness feeling only desire.

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