Torn In Two

Sophie is an 18 year old girl who rarely arrives or gets things done on time. She works at a video shop with her friend Ashton who she has mixed feelings for. She meets Luke, one of Ashton's band mates, and that's when her feelings get a whole lot more confusing. Who will her heart be drawn to?


8. Chapter 8

Ashton's pov ~

I walk over to the storeroom door to lock it. I wasn't prepared for George to walk in on Sophie and I's first time. As I'm walking back I tread on a DVD cover of 'We're the Millers' and almost fall flat on my ass.

"You okay?" Sophie says giggling and blushing.

"Um haha yeah just a little bit nervous I guess" I say whilst looking down at the ground. I can tell we both are.

I walk over to Soph again and we are so close, I can feel her hot breath on my neck. It's causing my skin to tingle and I suddenly feel Sophie start to tremble beneath my hands.

"It's okay" I breathlessly whisper in her ear. She grabs my hands and shakily places them on her lower back. I peck her on the cheek and then I make my way down the left side of her body. This causes her to shiver and she whispers my name "Ash".

The moment I heard this I back her up onto the table and lay her down. I intertwine our fingers and push her hands above her head. I trace my fingers down her arms as our breathing becomes heavier.

I then run my fingers along her stomach causing her hips to rise in a thrust motion. I am about to unzip her pants but hesitate for a moment. Sophie senses this.

"It's okay" she says whilst moving her hands down to help undo them.

I fumble with the struggle of taking her black jeans off. Once they're off, she sits up, and un buckles my belt. I'm struggling to find breath. My pants fall down to rest on my ankles, leaving me in my blue Calvin Klein boxers.

I stare down at her, she grabs my collar and pulls me down on top of her. She reaches down to her hips and slides out of her black lacy underwear.

It's my turn. I uncomfortably remove my Calvin's awaiting her reaction.

"Wow" Is all that escapes her mouth. I lay my body on top of hers, I'm scared that I'm going to hurt her.

"Soph, I don't wanna hurt you"

"It's okay Ash, just do it" she breathlessly states.

Okay, I think to myself. Here goes nothing.

I adjust my position to reach the proper angle. Done. It's time. I slowly push my erection into her. She lets out a muffled groan. The feeling is unexplainable, it's like we can't stop. Our hips are thrusting back and forth. She keeps moaning my name, the sound is echoing in my brain. "Shhh" I tell her. "I can't, this feels amazing" She replies. This makes me blush, I didn't know I was able to make her feel this way.

We were so caught up in our business that I only just saw the door handle vigorously turning. I quickly life my sweaty body off her and pull my pants back up. "Quick Soph, that'd be George! Get dressed"

"Oh...okay uh er can you pass me my panties" she asks embarrassingly.

"Hehe, here" I giggle as we both blush.

"That was fun" She smiles up at me

"I agree" I say with a cheeky smirk plastered on my face. She was right, that was unbelievable. Holy shit. Oh my god. No. I forgot a condom. We didn't have safe sex. Sophie could be pregnant.

I decide to keep this from her. I know, it doesn't seem like a good decision right now, I just don't want to worry her. She's so happy.

I snap back to reality as we approach George at the front counter.

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