Torn In Two

Sophie is an 18 year old girl who rarely arrives or gets things done on time. She works at a video shop with her friend Ashton who she has mixed feelings for. She meets Luke, one of Ashton's band mates, and that's when her feelings get a whole lot more confusing. Who will her heart be drawn to?


7. Chapter 7

Ashton's pov ~

I got out of my car with my coffee which wasn't helping to keep me awake. I didn't get much sleep last night. I'm so worried about everything. I hope Kylie brushes off the kiss even though I know she won't.

I'm kind of relieved that I don't have a shift with Sophie today but I really want to straighten things out. I still care about her so much but I don't know how she feels about me.

"Hey Ash" I hear George call out from the back as I walk into work.

"Yeah man" I shout.

"Ben's sick so I called Sophie to take his shift" he gives me the thumbs up as he walks out the back.

Oh crap. My heart starts racing and I start shaking. She's gonna be here any minute now. I don't think I'm prepared for this. What am I supposed to say?

I hear someone walk in and I turn around. I probably look like I've just seen a ghost. It's Sophie. "Uh um hey how-.. What are-" I have no idea what I'm trying to say. "You're on time for a change" I say trying to make a joke.

"Let's just get on with work" she says with a slight smile "we can talk after okay?" she begins to walk to the locker room to put her bag away.

"Wait up I'll come with you" I say doing a half jog to catch up to her.

As we walk in, we see George sitting at a desk. "Oh Sophie glad you're here! Could you both do some sorting in the storeroom today? It's so messy in there!" he says hopefully.

"But who's going to work the front desk?" Sophie says hoping to get out of being stuck in a storeroom with me.

"I'll do that today for a change yeah?" He says already on his way out. "Great well you guys get sorting" he says without waiting for a reply.

I'd usually love this to happen. But not now. Not after everything.

Sophie's pov ~

Well this is just perfect! I mean I was prepared to just try and ignore the whole thing but no I'm stuck in a small room with him. We are gonna have to talk about it. Where would we start?

We both walk towards the storeroom in total silence. Ash opens the door for me and I clumsily try to step around him.

"Hah" I let out an awkward chuckle and look up at him. He gives me this 'I'm sorry' smile and I wanted to cry. We both walk in.

"Hey Soph I know you probably hate me right now" he starts to speak but I quickly stop him.

"Look Ash don't do this" I know I'll get emotional.

"No we have to.. I have to" he says pleadingly.

"Look" I take a deep breath "please don't be mad but I know you were going to ask me out an-" I'm shaking so much.

"I can't believe it!!" He says angrily "I trusted those boys. It wasn't supposed to happen like this" he pounds his fist down hard on the table in the centre of the room.

"Ash!!" I'm almost about to burst out crying. I'm not prepared for this at all. "It's not their fault okay! I like you too alright!! I didn't mean for that to happen with Luke. I don't know why it did." I feel relieved but also shocked that I admitted that to him.

I watch as Ashton stares at me in disbelief. "You do?" He says also relieved.

"Yeah" I say as I chuckle. Tears start rolling down my cheeks but I'm not sad anymore, they are happy tears. I smile at Ash as he comes over to me and hugs me. He puts his hands around my waist.

"I'm so sorry for everything, I care about you so much Sophie" he says softly in my ear whilst hugging me tightly.

"I care about you too" I can't believe this is happening. He pulls away from the hug to look at me in the eyes. He puts his hand on my face and gently wipes away the tears.

"You don't need to be afraid anymore" he says as he takes a step closer towards me.

He's putting his hands around my waist again and is pulling me in towards him. I put my hands around his neck and as I do he kisses me on the cheek. He pulls away to look at me and our faces are so close. Our foreheads are pressed against each other.

I put my hand through his hair and he leans in and kisses me gently at first and then again but less carefully.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" He asks me concerned. I wasn't sure what exactly this was.

"By this do you mean... Um" I look at him confused.

"Yeah haha" he giggles. "Only if you want to"

"Yeah I do" I smile.

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