Torn In Two

Sophie is an 18 year old girl who rarely arrives or gets things done on time. She works at a video shop with her friend Ashton who she has mixed feelings for. She meets Luke, one of Ashton's band mates, and that's when her feelings get a whole lot more confusing. Who will her heart be drawn to?


3. Chapter 3

"WOOOO" I scream whilst frantically clapping my hands "that was amazing!". I love their style of music. This is the kind of music you'd sing along to with your friends.

As I looked towards the boys, I saw that all four of them were staring at me. I awkwardly sat back down when I realised that I was getting a little too into it.

"Hey guys I think we found our first fan!" Jokes Michael, breaking the silence. "Err.. Sorry about that" I say embarrassed. What's making me act like this?

"Nah I reckon it's cute" admits Luke. Wait what did he just say? Me... CUTE! Okay act cool, stop freaking out. Maybe I should say something. I looked at Ashton for help who I noticed was death staring Luke. Now this is confusing.

"Anyone want a drink and some snacks?" Michael was already at the door. Luke and Ash both nod their heads. "Yes thanks" I say. "Yeah bro I'll come help" Calum takes his bass off and follows Mikey.

"Hey Luke" Ashton says expecting a reply.

I looked towards Luke who I only just realised was staring right at me and smiling. His eyes were this intense blue. The kind of blue that you get lost in and his smile wa-

"HEY LUKE!" Ashton shouts whilst throwing a drumstick at his head. I think that startled both Luke and I. I mean we were just staring at each other for a second there. Well it was longer than a second lets just say it was the longest a guy has ever looked at me like that for.

"Um ouch" Luke says whilst taking off his beanie to rub the sore area "what was that for?" he says dopily.

"You were off in your own little world there" Ash says whilst laughing. I don't know what it was but it wasn't his usual playful giggle that he does. He seems kind of tense.

"So have you guys been writing a lot lately?" I ask, trying to make conversation.

"Yeah a little" replies Luke. "We've been trying to perfect Gotta Get Out" Ashton butts in "We're gonna post an acoustic to our channel". "Well it's kind of MY channel" Luke boasts with a grin.

"I remember you giving me a listen to that the other day Ash" I try and sing the song in my head "it's one of my favourites".

"Haha yeah I thought you'd like it" Ashton gives me a reassuring smile. *Boop Boop Boop* Ashton's phone starts ringing and nods at us as he leaves the room to answer it.

"So I'm guessing you haven't been given the grande tour?" Asks Luke "I mean it's not my house it's Michaels but still haha".

"No I haven't" where is this going?

"Cool well let me show you around then" he smiles at me whilst walking over. He puts his hand out to help pull me up from the couch. What a gentleman. As I get up I slightly lose my balance and fall right into his chest. "Oh my gosh I'm so sorry I'm such a cluts" what the hell! Things were going smoothly before my clumsiness came into things. "Haha it's fine" he says whilst looking down at me. We are inches away now. He's so tall compared to me.

"I guess I'm not used to having girls fall all over me" he says playfully. I don't know what to say to this. I'm frozen here just looking up at him. "Uhh.." I manage to blurt out before my breath hitched. "It's okay Soph hopefully I'm not that scary". He just called me SOPH!

He's reaching out to my face now, what is he doing? What do I do? I just met this guy like half an hour ago. He tucks a loose strand of hair behind my ear and is starting to lean in to me an-

"WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?!?" Ashton says in the angriest voice I have ever heard him use. He barges into the cluttered garage and knocks over a few things behind the door. He's coming straight for Luke.

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