Torn In Two

Sophie is an 18 year old girl who rarely arrives or gets things done on time. She works at a video shop with her friend Ashton who she has mixed feelings for. She meets Luke, one of Ashton's band mates, and that's when her feelings get a whole lot more confusing. Who will her heart be drawn to?


1. Chapter 1

"Sophie? SOPHIE!" My mum's voice projected itself all the way from the kitchen downstairs.

"You have work in 10 MINUTES! GET UP!" Mum continued to shout. I always wonder how she doesn't lose her voice. I turn to look at my alarm clock whilst trying to rub the sleep out of my eyes. Going to work on 2 hours sleep isn't my idea of fun.

"Crap!" I say loud enough for mum to hear "I literally have 10 minutes!". "CHOP CHOP" I hear mum say.

I quickly shove on my work clothes and trip down the stairs. Being late is kind of a routine for me. I walk into the kitchen to see my mum had made my little 7 year old brother Coby, bacon and eggs. "Any for me?" I say hopefully. "People who are late get weet bix" mum says bluntly. "Ha. Ha." Coby teased.

I decided to skip breakfast and head to work. It took a few goes to start my car cause it's an old piece of junk but I somehow got it there in one piece. As I walk into the video shop, my friend Ashton is standing at the counter. "And here she is 10 minutes late right on schedule" he said whilst looking at his watch with a cheeky smirk on his face.

"Shut up!" I say as I jokingly give his arm a punch. "Please d-"

"Don't tell Jason you were late. Yes I know the drill" he giggled.

"Thanks Ash". Me and Ash both started work together as trainees so we've always got each others backs. He's probably one of the closest friends I have. Work goes by so quickly when I'm with him because he always seems to make it fun. With his constant singing and tapping on the desk. He's a drummer in this little band and I've supported him from day 1.

"Hey Sophie?" He said with a soft smile.


"I..-I was wo-" he was cutoff by an entering customer.

"Oh was I interrupting something?" said a familiar voice.

"Haha hey Kylie! No me and Sophie were just talking business. Can I help you with something?" It was one of Ashton's friends from school who I've never seemed to get along with.

Kylie and I both gave each other fake smiles as usual.

Ash and her went off to find a movie. Every week she comes in here and asks for Ashton's assistance to pick out a movie. Not that I care.

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