Ever Since We Met


1. The First Time

I still remember the day I first saw you. You looked vaguely familiar, and since I was moving to a new school, that was definitely possible. You strode into the room with a boyish charm about you, yet you exuded maturity and happiness. I had to stop and take a deep breath, as all of a sudden my lungs had stopped working. You fooled around with your mates and I fooled around with mine, but I couldn't take my eyes off you. Your laugh was infectious and could bring joy to any room. I saw you were caring yet strong, mentally and physically. Your soft brown eyes dancing in the light, your figure so slender yet muscular. You were laid back and casual, but stood up for your friends. From that moment on, I was transfixed.


All I remember is my eyes being immediately drawn to you. My heart skipped a beat as your sapphire eyes locked onto mine. Your auburn hair was loosely tucked behind your ears, and a beautiful dress showed off your curves wonderfully. Your eyes glistened when you laughed and your smile lit your whole face up. You were caring and kind, yet determined, I could tell. I just knew I had to get to know you, I'd be unable to get you out of my mind. Since then you've been like a handprint on my heart. Inescapable. But I had no chance, you were a sophisticated young lady and me, an immature young boy. Little did I know...


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