3. graduation greetings

I abruptly woke from my dream…or nightmare. Every time I fall asleep,I always have the same thought,of my dad dying.

Yes my dad committed suicide. And yes,I witnessed it. It scarred me for life,obviously. But quite frankly,I don't even know if I could love him,after all he did abuse me.

The other periods breezed by,mainly because all we did was watch films and get on our phones.

I walked home and next thing I knew it was time for graduation.


"Mary Airman"they started off,going in alphabetical order. I had to wait a while for my name to be called,considering my last name is Watson.

We wet through all the As,there were only two Bs,and the Cs were up.

"Michael Clifford"the man called. A red haired,and I mean BRIGHT red haired,boy with an eyebrow piercing stood up and strode toward the stage.

He was definitely not like the other guys in school. There were two types of boys in my school:jocks and normal kids,and he was not in those categories. His arms looked strong but weren't muscular,and judging by his appearance he's not normal.

I must've stared at him for a while because they called my name in what seemed three seconds.

"Anne Marie Watson"the man spoke through the microphone.

I swiftly stood up from my chair and walked towards the steps leading to the podium. I could feel that Michael kid's eyes on me,and I desperately wanted to look back but I couldn't,because I knew that I would get too distracted.

After the awards and speeches were given,people ran off saying goodbyes to friends and getting last-minute pictures.

I set off to find Cynthia,possibly the best friend anyone could ask for.

I found her by the gates,adjusting her gown. I slowly stalked over to her from behind,jumping on her back whilst she let out a loud squeal.

"I got ya!"I giggled,climbing off her back and circling around her to get a hug.

"I'm gonna miss you"she mumbled into my neck. She was obviously crying,I could feel her warm tears on my neck.

"Same here"I said. I sniffled to hold back my sobs.

She eventually had to leave so I decided to go home myself. I had my foot at the exit when a hand covered my mouth,pulling me into a dark hall.

"Hold on,sweetheart"the mysterious person whispered in my ear.

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