2. almost there

Today is the day. Today is the day I graduate from this living hell called school and finally live my life,which is sleeping in until 1pm and eating whilst I'm awake.

After about half of first period,even through my excitement,I found a way to get droopy. I slowly drifted off,and eventually went to sleep and dream.

He was watching me. I knew he was. I looked down,I was wearing an orange sun dress, I was young. About four years old. I felt my dad's eyes burning through me. The redness of his face gave away that he was furious. He jogged towards me,harshly slapping my face and pushing me to the ground. I couldn't do anything,so I stayed there in shock.

It switched to another place. This time I was older by about a year. The straight leg jeans were worn down on the knees,a few blonde leg hairs poking out. My dad was still here. But this time,he was facing away from me. He walked towards the edge of the roof,looked down,and jumped off.

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