Crescent Fall

After tragedy strikes for the Lancaster family, rules will need to be tightened or broken. In order to move on with the absolute normal life of a teenager, Ana leaves to live with her father and sister Emma.
And as if living a hybrid life isn't strange enough, Leighton Fields seems to have even more secrets hidden behind its cloudy appearance.



´There´s something wrong.´

I turn around and see Scarlette studying me. I shake my head subtly and zip up my wadded coat.
´Ana? want to help me out for a minute?’ she then asks me. Not that I can say yes or no.  Unlike the others, I’m easy to read when I don’t put any effort in hiding myself. Of course Scarlette would know something’s going on.

I nod and follow her into the kitchen, lean back against the counter and wait for her to speak. I just hope it’s not another one of these preaches where I have to convince her that I will tell them today.

‘Alright, spill it.’
Sigh. Deep sigh. I think I might actually growl right now.
‘Anabelle…,’ my sister is getting irritated with me. I already was irritated with her. Which means this won’t be pretty, like always.
‘Yes, I know I need to go. I know I have to tell them. I know the longer I wait the tougher it will be,’ I rattle,’ I know.’
Crossing my arms over my chest I look away from her. A few snowflakes fall outside, catching my eye.
‘Well, if you know, why don’t you act upon it? What stops you?’
A flash of black darkens my sight. I close my eyes and turn my head back towards Scarlette, who’s standing still as a statue.
‘It’s his birthday, Scarlette. I can’t do this on his birthday, he’ll be furious and-‘
‘Ana, it’s Christmas in two days. It’ll be New Year’s not much later. Charles will pick you up in Seattle soon after. Telling them today, in two days or next week – it will hurt either way.’
My eyebrows are drawn together, ’You don’t seem to bother much at all. It’s not easy Scarlette!’
As my voice raises more than I intended, my sister her hand is close to my face in a beat. The unexpected movement startles me, her eyes sharpen.
‘If you don’t want this to escalate in the wrong way, then tone down your volume.’ She says in a low and deep voice. I swallow away a fear I shouldn’t have. Scarlette her eyes soften and she backs away from me, ‘Ana, believe me when I tell you that I hate this just as much as you do,’ she crosses her arms over her chest, identical to me, ‘But you need to remind yourself the reason why. You have to consider that staying here won’t help you.’
I avert my eyes as the twinges of guilt, pain and fear grip my insides. She’s right, I know that. And going away is right as well. It’s me who agreed to that in the first place.
But it’s the reaction I’ll get from my family. And I’m positive they won’t be pleased at all.
‘Charles will keep an eye on you. You’ll go to school every day and he’ll make sure to keep you safe during the weekends and your time off. ‘
‘What about Emma?’ is my next question. The fact that she is unaware of all this needs some thoughts too.
Scarlette shrugs and then shakes her head, her dark curls bouncing a bit,’ We’ve got it all covered. All you need to do is be cautious around her and act as normal as possible.’
These words make me huff a laugh and I see a small smile tug at Scarlette’s lips. As normal as possible. It’s not possible at all if we’re honest with ourselves.


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