Crescent Fall

After tragedy strikes for the Lancaster family, rules will need to be tightened or broken. In order to move on with the absolute normal life of a teenager, Ana leaves to live with her father and sister Emma.
And as if living a hybrid life isn't strange enough, Leighton Fields seems to have even more secrets hidden behind its cloudy appearance.



The sound of someone opening the door to my bedroom makes me grumble. Hearing a voice ask for my attention makes me turn around in my bed and hiding my face underneath a pillow. Before I can even exhale another breath, the pillow is yanked away from me, followed by the bedding. Damn, it’s cold. 

‘Alright sleepy head. Time to get out,’ the female voice says calmly, but with the hints of a stern undertone.  I grumble again, crawling into an huddle with my eyes still closed. This is not exactly my favorite way of waking up. 
‘Seriously, we’re all waiting for you. The scrambled eggs are cooling down while you’re still in bed.’
Sometimes I wish my sister would just shut her mouth and leave me alone. And make a lot of wishes these days. But unfortunately for me, if she would, one of my other siblings would wake me anyway. So it’s getting pointless to struggle against it and stubbornly stay on a cold mattress. 
‘Honestly, I know you’re awake. Get out now!’ I can hear in Nora her voice she’s  close to dragging me, so I cave in by slowly opening my eyes and staring daggers at her.  As expected she stares back but way more terrifying then I could pull off on my best day. 
With my lips pulled into a thin line and my eyebrows hanging mockingly above my tired eyes, I sit up and get myself away from my bed. 
‘It’s about time. It’s past eleven and even Maxen is already in the dining room,’  Nora goes back to the door she came through to disturb me.
‘I’m just tired okay? I’ll take a shower and I’ll join you,’ I say, my voice small and croaky from sleep.  When the door clicks close I gather some clothes and a towel before heading to the bathroom. 
The true reason that I didn’t want to leave my bed this morning is because I have to leave. My eldest sister knows, as does my father. They’ve arranged the whole thing. But the rest of my family is still unaware of the fact that this will be one of the last days I’ll spend here with them. Yesterday Scarlette just forced me to tell them today. On my brother his birthday. 
I can already see the storm coming. 

We are with eight of us. My two sisters and brother, my brother-in-law , my two cousins and me.  My eldest sister, Scarlette , married Luciah Heathermen a few years ago.  Not that my mind is capable of remembering the event. They met in college and since then they’ve never parted. 
I always think of their relationship being the perfect example of how things should be.  They have huge respect for each other, envy the other’s capacities. They seem in complete balance,  aligned to one another. 
Under the warm spray of the shower, I start to feel my shoulders and back relax. I’ve always thought it was the warmth that made you feel so calm, but it’s more the softness of the water sprinkling onto your head.  It’s a serene feeling. 
When all remains of foam are gone, I step out to quickly dry my body. After that’s been done I put on my clothes and blow-dry my hair before fastening it into a loose ponytail. This morning I’m not going to put effort in putting every strand of hair backwards. It’s winter break after all. 
Slowly and unwillingly I descend the stairs, taking a deep breath. It’s time to face the festivities. And it’s not going to be much fun. 



A/N: The first part! Curious about any reviews! 

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