Crescent Fall

After tragedy strikes for the Lancaster family, rules will need to be tightened or broken. In order to move on with the absolute normal life of a teenager, Ana leaves to live with her father and sister Emma.
And as if living a hybrid life isn't strange enough, Leighton Fields seems to have even more secrets hidden behind its cloudy appearance.



Emma is our half-sister.  During the time my parents were married they’ve had a split. My birthmother fled back to Italy, where she came from and my father remarried in the hope to find something better with his new wife Rosanna. Not soon after they got a child –  Emma. She’s nineteen, two years older than I am. And like, exactly two years. 
Our birthdays are on the same day. 
It became clear my father isn’t so great with women – Emma was only eight months old when they divorced and Rosanna went back to live in Miami, where she came from. And as for obvious she took her daughter with her.
Emma is also moving in with Charles, our father. However, her reason to leave the place she grew up is quite different from mine. 
And surely more usual.

Rosanna’s new husband, the fifth husband to be precise, got another job  in Europe. And from what I’ve heard, Emma refused to go with them. 
Which I can imagine. 
‘You know, Emma is not the biggest obstacle here. You shouldn’t even put any effort in that. It won’t be more different than with your classmates from here,’ Scarlette goes on. I understand she’s trying to calm me, but in my opinion she makes it come of too easy. And I’m sure it’s not. 
‘I never had to live in the same house as my classmates,’ I argue, knowing it’s worthless anyway. Scarlette sighs and then looks me right in the eye. Her pupils dilate before shrinking again.
‘You’ll be fine,’ she says slowly and my mind becomes hazy. The second I know what she’s done, I feel anger boil under my skin.
Yet, my lips only repeat the sentence she just spoke. 
‘Yes, I‘ll be fine.’

Outside, the snow fight still has every family member occupied. Nora is making pictures with her way too expensive camera, Maxen is trying to shove snow in Denim his collar. Luckily, the boy is quick with dodging Maxen’s approaches. Elva and Caroline are busy making a snow castle which actually looks presentable and Luciah watches upon the scene, his back against the stone wall of our house.

Probably sensing me and Scarlette walking up to them, our feet softly moving through the white dusty snow, they halt with everything they’re doing. 
Normally, they wouldn’t do that when someone enters. But I’m positive Scarlette has used the same trick on them as she did on me. 
They gather in front of us, yet Luciah stays on his spot against the wall, close enough to hear the words.
And I just stand there, behind my sister. Like a child hiding behind her mother’s legs. And thinking of it, Scarlette has always been very close to being a mother to me. She’s been the one to take care of us when it all started. 
I’m going to miss a mother figure in my life from now on.

‘Alright, listen up – Ana has news to share. And please let her speak before you go arguing,’ she gives them a stern look, I can sense that. I also feel their curiosity tingle at the edges of my mind.
that’s new. I never experienced that before. Which means it’s a good thing I’m leaving. 
And a bad thing I’m going to a town filled with no supernatural being any close.
Scarlette turns around and nods at me, giving me a assuring look as warmth glides along my arms. That’s her doing. She’s trying to make me feel as comfortable as possible under these circumstances. 
And I’m ready to run away and hide in the small space next to my bed. Scarlette encourages me once more with the warmth and I take a deep breath before the first words roll over my lips, telling my family the whole idea from why until when. 


A/N: It's been a while since my last upate I believe! But I like active readers so to speak...Now it's more like I'm posting for nothing haha!

Oh Happy New Year by the way! even tho I'm like...two weeks late! 

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