Crescent Fall

After tragedy strikes for the Lancaster family, rules will need to be tightened or broken. In order to move on with the absolute normal life of a teenager, Ana leaves to live with her father and sister Emma.
And as if living a hybrid life isn't strange enough, Leighton Fields seems to have even more secrets hidden behind its cloudy appearance.


2. Character Changes!

For all sweet moon Girl fans out there:

this is a list with all former main characters and how I've changed them. It's just their names for now, really. 
There are some personal features that i've also rearranged, but you'll find out about that while reading the story!


Carlisle Cullen  is now  Theo Castellar                                                                                                    

Esmé Cullen is now Gracia Castellar                               

Emmett McCarty is now Dominic Castellar                                                               

Rosalie Hale  is now Lilia Rinder                                                                                                  

Jasper Whitlock is now Roman Rinder                                                                                                                                   

Alice Brandon is now Sage Castellar                  

Charlie Swan is now Charles  Lancaster          (can't help but love the name Charles...) 

Fiorenza Terra is now Evangeline Devitto        

Renee Dwyer is now Rosanna Whittemore  

Adam Bright is now Luciah  Heathermen      

Scarlett Bright is now Scarlette  Lancaster     (it's the E, really)     

Denim Bright is now Denim Heathermen      (love the name Denim...)


Nathan Swan is now Maxen Lancaster    

Layla Johnson is now Caroline Thompson       

(our dear Chris Johnson has left the show guys...) 

Skye Swan is now Nora Lancaster     (Yess, she's single)       

Alana Johnson is now Elva Lancaster           


Isabella Swan is now Emma Lancaster             

Jacob Black is now Casper Reid                     


Edward Cullen is now Rye Castellar             

Melody Swan is now Anabelle Lancaster     


Hope this'll help a bit...or not. But you know now anyway! 




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