2. What's wrong with you?


The Next Morning



Alexis POV

Last night was unexpected. So I got out of bed. I did my hygential things. I went into Justice’s room and got her because she was already woke. I fed her in her high chair. I fixed breakfast for me and Ray.  I was trying to get a plate for a high shelf went I saw Ray reach over me and get it for me. 


Ray: Goodmorning beautiful. *kisses Alexis*

Alexis: *kisses back* Morning

Ray: What’s for breakfast?

Alexis: Bacon, eggs, toast and oatmeal.

Ray: Smells wonderful.

Alexis: Thanks!


I fixed our plates. As soon as I swallowed the first bite of food, I ran to the bathroom and threw up. I can feel Ray holding back my hair and patting my back. 


Ray: Babe you ok?

Alexis: Yeah. *brushes teeth*

Ray: You sure?

Alexis: Yeah, I’m fine.


I went and checked my phone I had a text from Nikki (Nicole).


Text Messages

NikkitheMisfit☮: Hey sissy! How ya doin?

Lexi2wice✌️: Nothing. I went to fix breakfast and I puked after the first bite of food. That’s so weird because last time that happened I ended up having Justice.

NikkitheMisfit☮: That does sound weird but you probably just ate some bad food.

Lexi2wice✌️: Yeah you probably right. I got to go.

NikkitheMisfit☮: Bye.


I went and took a shower and put on a purple oversized sweatshirt that says I’m not short I’m FUNSIZED with my ripped acid washed jeans and purple low top converse.


Ray: Come on we going to the mall.

Alexis: The mall?

Ray: Yes, the mall. Is it something wrong with me taking my wife out to the mall?

Alexis: No. It’s just that this is the first that you have voluntarily took me out.

Ray: Pssh. I take you out all the time. 

Alexis: Fine. I’ll let you win this time. 

Ray: I win every time because I get that punani. 

Alexis: *blushes*


After I got thru blushing like crazy, I drove Justice to my momma’s house so me and Ray can have some alone time. I picked Ray up from the house and we drove to the mall. We walked in the mall hand in hand. Everybody kept saying we are a beautiful couple. Ray keeps staring at me smiling.


Alexis: What?

Ray: What?

Alexis: You keep staring at me.

Ray: Because you are so beautiful.

Alexis: *blushes* Ray take a picture of me with Marilyn Monroe’s statue. *runs to the statue and poses*

Ray: *laughs and snaps picture and puts them on Instagram*


Instagram Post:


“Bae with Marilyn Monroe. I love her so much.😘 ♥️03.16.20♥️ @LexiTrendy2wice💋


Alexis: Did you get the picture?

Ray: Yeah and posted it on Instagram.

Alexis: Really? *takes out her phone and fakes to take a selfie but snaps a picture of Ray looking crazy and posts it on Instagram*


Instagram Post:


“On Instagram straight flexin’. He gone be mad when he see it but Idgac (I do). I love you babe. @RayTrendyMe Mwah!💋


We was reading the comments on each other’s picture. 


Ray’s Picture:

“@TeamRayRayMB: @LexiTrendy2wice you are so pretty.”

“@MindlessTaneshia: Strut your stuff girl. @LexiTrendy2wice”

“@Zonnique’sSister:  @LexiTrendy2wice you and M.M. are so cute.”

“@Bahja’sBae: @LexiTrendy2wice You can be a model some day.”


Alexis’ Picture:

“@Ray'sChild: @RayTrendyMe TF?"

"@Lexi'sBoo: @RayTrendyMe LMFAO"

"@TeamLexiandRay: That face doe @RayTrendyMe"

"@ILoveMB: @RayTrendyMe why that face"


Ray: *laughs*

Alexis: *laughs*


They both went to the food court and ordered food. Alexis took one bite and again puked. But this time after she puked she fainted.


Ray: Baby? BABY!!!! LEXI WAKE UP!!!!!


Ray drove Alexis to the hospital. They checked her in. Ray went in the room to see her.


Alexis: Hey baby.

Ray: Hey. What's was wrong.

Doctor: She......


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