Hogwarts is Frozen 2

Can Elsa live with Harry even as a friend anymore?
Can she find someone who cares about her and knows what she's going through?
Find out in Hogwarts is Frozen 2


6. The First Attack

Harry's P.O.V

After a detention I had with Proffessor Lockhart I met Ron and Hermione in one of the corridors. Suddenly we found Mrs Norris {Filch's cat} hanging by her tail from a torch-holder. On the wall in blood there was writing: The Chamber of Secrets has been opened. Ememies of the heir. BEWARE! "Enemies of the heir. Beware?" I heard Hermione mutter. Ron gave Mrs Norris a little tap and she swang back and forth as still as a rock. "Frozen." Ron said, "Absaloutly frozen." Hermione scribbled down the writing in her notebook that she carried in the pocket of her robes. "You killed my cat!" A voice shouted, "They've killed my cat!" It was Filch, with Mcgonagall, Snape and Lockhart. "Proffessors! Look what they've done." Lots of other students came rushing down the hallway. "It wasn't us! We swear!" I said, "We just came down here and it was frozen!" "Frozen you say." Filch said,"You. Come here. Now." He pointed straight at Elsa and made her come forward, "Was this you?" "N-No it wasn't. I mean it." She said. "Argus. Argus. Please." Dumbledore had just come down the hall, "Don't blame the students for this unfortunate event. Everyone. Please return to your domitories now." We turned to go but then Dumbledore spoke again, "Except you four. Why is it, whenever something bad happens you four are always there?" "We don't know sir." Ron said. "Argus your cat can be healed. She has just been petrified." "By what exactly?" Filch said. "Argus I do not know, sadly I am not the one to cure your cat. Take her to Madam Pomfrey and she will take the time to heal your cat. Now you four on your way. And no stopping!" Dumbledore dismissed us and we headed back for our dormitories. "Lucky Dumbledore showed up or we'd be in big trouble." Ron said. "Ron you dimbo we already are in big trouble. People are gonna think that we wrote that and petrified Mrs Norris." Hermione said. "Lets hope it doesn't happen again then." I said. "Harry didn't you look. "The Chamber of Secrets has been opened." Its going to happen again and again. This isn't the last of the attcks." Elsa said. I heard Ron say quietly to Hermione, "First time they've spoken in a long time. I shot him a frowny glance then continued speaking. "It can't be that bad. Can it?" "Lets hope not." Ron said. Everyone looked at us when we got back into the common room and I don't think that it'll of changed by morning.

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