Hogwarts is Frozen 2

Can Elsa live with Harry even as a friend anymore?
Can she find someone who cares about her and knows what she's going through?
Find out in Hogwarts is Frozen 2


8. Elsa's Birthday

Ron's P.O.V

Today I knew that something was happening but with my memory I couldn't remember. Hermione got me to shut up when I was about to ask her what it was. After our final lesson I dragged Hermione and Harry aside to ask them what today was. "Ron you have to be the worst er I don't know but still your missing the point. Today is Elsa's birthday!" Hermione spoke to me like I had the worst memory ever, which actually I do. "Hermione wants to put together a suprise party for her." Harry said, "If she can do that in an hour I'll be impressed." "I will. By using magic." Hermione said.

Before the feast Harry and I had to sneak into the kitchens to get food from whoever was in the kitchens. When we got inside no one was there so we searched in the cupboards and in one we found a tin of biscuits-a big tin of biscuits- we took it and made our way out when a high-pitched voice spoke. "Going somewhere Potter?" We turned around and standing in front of us was a small thing that looked like an elf. "Are you a house elf?" Harry asked. "Yes I am." The elf replied. "What's your name?" I asked him. "I am not allowed to tell." The elf said, "But. I will make a deal with you. If you tell no one that I was out of the house elf rooms and that you met me I will allow you two to take food for whatever you need it for." "Deal!" I said. The elf vanished and we went back into the kitchens. A cake had suddenly appeared on the sideboard with a big number "12" in the middle. We took some plates from the draws and left with everything.

Elsa's P.O.V

After leaving the library I was making my way to the great hall when Monica came and steered me in the direction of the Gryffindor common room. "What are you doing. The hall is that way." I said. "We aren't going to the hall today. You are following me. Oh Jade, Alex come here." Two other Slytherins came from the hall over to us, "Elsa this is Jade and Alex." Jade had short black hair with crimson streaks and Alex had light brown hair and eyes. "Hi." I said, "Are you gonna tell me where we're going yet?" "No." Monica said, "Just follow me."

When we got to the portrait hole the picture frame was covered in blue and white fairy lights. I said the password  then Monica covered my eyes and we went in. Monica uncovered my eyes and in the common room it was full of balloons and streamers. On a table in the centre was a blue and white cake with 12 candles on. I blew them out and Harry cut it into pieces with a knife and we all had some. Then I sat on an armchair and people started to pass me presents. I never liked a fuss for my birthday as it was the day I struck Anna with my powers. But if they want to do this they can. The last gift was from an unknown person but it had a little note: Where this all the time at night and don't take it off under any circumstances. Don't spill any liquid on it. Watch out for the moon. Signed Unknown. Inside was a cloak that was a very light blue color. I took it out and put it on. The hood covered quite a lot of my face and trailed the ground. "Well thats the most happy thing in the world, giving you a warning and a warning gift." Harry said picking up the note, "At least you don't have to wear it all the time." I pulled the hood over my face and I could barely see.


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