Hogwarts is Frozen 2

Can Elsa live with Harry even as a friend anymore?
Can she find someone who cares about her and knows what she's going through?
Find out in Hogwarts is Frozen 2


5. Elsa Joins The Team

Harry's P.O.V

'Wood. Wood." I said tapping Oliver Wood on the shoulder, "There's a problem." "What problem?" He asked. "It's Angelina. Her shoulder's been broken and she can't play for six weeks." "Call in her reserve then." He said. "We can't. He's ill in the Hospital Wing. Really ill.He can't move at all." I told him, "Do you know anyone that could play for six weeks?" "Yes Harry I do. Let me go find her."

Next Quidditch practice everyone was excited to find out who the new chaser was. "Hello everyone." Wood said, "As you all know we have a new chaser who will be with us for six weeks. That person is here today. Everybody this is Elsa. I've seen her play before she is a very good chaser so there we go back to a team of seven then lets go change and then lets practice." Elsa. Elsa. Of all people Elsa is the new chaser. "So."I said, "Your the new chaser." "Yeah. But I can tell that you don't want me to be." She said. "Er no. No why would I not you to be the new chaser." "I'm not convinced. Besides its only for six weeks so its not like you have to bear with me every single day." "I actually kind of do have to bear with you every day because we have lessons together." I said. "Actually. We don't have Transfiguration..." She started. "I know I know." I said. "You two on your brooms. Now." Wood shouted. "Bye." She said darting off on her broom. Elsa was actually really good. As in really really really good. Six weeks won't be that bad with her if she's not ignoring me or being really bad at playing.

"Everyone." Dumbledore sat at the feast, "I have an announcment to make. As poor Angelina Johnson has a broken shoulder she won't be able to play for six weeks and David Harwood is very very very ill so he can't take her place. The person taking her place will be Elsa in the second years as chaser for six weeks."

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