Hogwarts is Frozen 2

Can Elsa live with Harry even as a friend anymore?
Can she find someone who cares about her and knows what she's going through?
Find out in Hogwarts is Frozen 2


1. At Home Again

Elsa's P.O.V

I felt horrid all summer. I hated myself. My room was covered in ice where I'd gotten so angry that I'd tried to wear my powers out. So I didn't have to go through so much pain. Anna kept knocking on the door. I tried to open it but I couldn't. Nobody came in at all. I felt more alone than ever. I didn't want to go back to Hogwarts. I wanted to stay here and never leave. But I had to go back. I couldn't bear this any longer. My magic couldn't be reversed so I was stuck in this icy place forever. I couldn't touch anything without coating it in ice. My life was ruined. And it was all my fault. I didn't even see the point in gloves anymore. Even if I'd been at the Weasley's I would of been alone. They would of put me in a room on my own.

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