Hogwarts is Frozen 2

Can Elsa live with Harry even as a friend anymore?
Can she find someone who cares about her and knows what she's going through?
Find out in Hogwarts is Frozen 2


10. Ariana

Elsa's P.O.V 

Today I went out into the Forbidden Forest to try control my powers. Using them was easy. Controlling them was harder. I practiced what I knew to get to grips with that but it was difficult to move on to the next stage.

All was well until I found someone watching me. I caught a glimpse of bright red hair and the the person fled. There wasn't any other option. I sprinted after them, leaving an icy trail behind me. A rock that was in the path struck my foot and I was launched into the air. I tumbled down a hill and then slammed into the person watching me. Head over heels we fell into a large pool of mud. The person tried to escape but they realized that I'd already caught them. I couldn't see them correctly but I could tell it was a girl. She wiped mud from her hair and her face so I did the same. We were both shocked. We were exactly identical, apart from her hair and eyes were bright red. I panicked and blasted ice from my hand and screwed my eyes shut. Something wet landed on my head. Water. The ground surrounding me was drenched, and so was I. How could my ice have melted straight away. Unless...

"How did you do that?" I asked. I needed to know.

"I have powers, like you. We're you born with them or cursed?" She seemed very over-confident in herself.

"I'd say both. I was born with them but they're like a curse. What about you? Born or cursed?" This was amazing. Someone else with powers like mine? Impossible. Although she seemed to feel the same, to finally have found someone like her.

"Your powers are like mine, but different. We're like opposites. You have ice powers but mine are fire." Giving a sigh of relief, she smiled. "This is impossible. But amazing at the same time. I've searched for someone like me for so long, to finally find you is amazing. My name's Ariana."

"Elsa. I've looked for you to. This is just...special. I thought I was the only one." And by the look on her face she did to. This truly was special.


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