Monsters Exist

Monsters and Humans Co-exist in society, not as equals but in very clear cut classes that have lead to a civil war in many nations around the globe. This has caused monster hunting schools to open all over the world. Our story follows a group of young adults in one such academy.


1. Prologue

                        Monsters and Humans cannot co-exist without conflict, any horror novelist will teach you that much. They are the prey and the hunters, however when the prey turns on the hunters chaos ensues. That's why the humans have forced their prey into a lower social class than themselves, the monsters are outnumbered, they cannot fight back. Humans have a very firm grasp on their own society and they will protect it at any cost even if it means war.

            Being sent off to a war they didn't fully understand is what caused a civil war between the two and lead to chaos amongst the younger generations,. This is what lead to death and loss across many families and cities, on a global scale. Though the creatures are not entirely guilt free, humanity's crimes are far more callous. Now civil war seems to be the only option that remains for either party.

            Humans exist at the top of the social classes, the pure class, as they often claim. They felt like prey compared to the monsters that roam within their world and feel the need for isolation between the races. Though they maintain the upper class socially speaking, if they lost that control then the other races would rise up an eradicate the human race. Due to this fear, Monster Hunting is a common profession and many academies were formed to teach the youth of the world how to defend themselves. Humans felt safer knowing that their children were educated in human-only schools and cities. and have begun to drive any being that is not one hundred percent human off the streets. Humans not only fear the monsters but loath the new Hybrid race entirely, feeling it's unnatural and twisted. Despite the humans' protests the number of pure blooded humans is slowly dwindling, furthering their fear of extinction and desire for separation.

            Inhuman beings are second class citizens and are often tormented by humans who take rights and land away from them as time progresses. Not all creatures rely on humans for a food source and among those that do, not all of them bring harm to the humans they feed from. The humans have driven many of these being out of their homes with war and hatred. It  has cost many families to split up and many lives to be lost. These beings range from vampire, to werewolf, to banshee, to demon, to any type of creature that prowls in the night. These beings  feel as if they are being punished based on the actions of a few individuals. They want their homes and their rights returned to them.  This is why they continue the war that humanity started.

            One often over looked race with in the world are the hybrids. There are two ways that a human-animal hybrid can be born, one method is through cross breeding with a creature with animal like attributes. A Naga and Human hybrid, for example could produce a hybrid, a human, or a Naga child. The other documented method of hybrid creation is through magic, a transformation spell can have residual effects on a human's cells well after the spell has worn off. In rare cases it has been the case that the mutated cells spread to the unborn child and thus result in a human-animal hybrid being born. There could be other methods of producing a hybrid but they are not nearly as well documented or could not be repeated. Due to their rare or unsettling existence they often are rejected by both Human and Inhuman beings.

            Many of the local schools have been converted into monster hunting academies, mostly located in human only cities. One such school, The Defense Core Academy, trains young adults for combat in the civil war between the two social groups. It is seen as one of the most prestigious academies around the world and many students dream of gaining entrance to further their training. It is the highest ranked academy within the United States and is listed within the top ten worldwide. Many of the famous hunters have graduated from the school and several personally sponsor it.  However, to imply that every student training in its halls is human would be a grave mistake.

            The Academy only accepts those of human class, in theory. The more human creatures can lie or sneak into the school to learn their trade, or just for something interesting to do. Once a potential student is accepted into the academy he or she is given a test to see at which rank they will begin their training. The lowest rank a student can receive is D, the highest being A. If the student then continues training and wishes to specialize in a specific style of hunting after A Rank then they are given the opportunity. From there the student will move forward and begin their training as true monster hunters. This will help them secure a place in this world, either through war or private practice as a monster hunter for hire.




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