Shot In The Dark

Charlotte dies and tries to communicate to her family and best friend however she can, and while she floats around her family like a ghost she gets flashbacks and hurts from the memories. Half of the book is in Charlotte's point of view, the other half is in Michael's.


3. Chapter 1, Charlotte's Point Of View

So this is what it's like, huh? You know... To be dead. I heard a story once when I was younger that explains death. The story said things like "for a week after you die you experience what your family, friends and enemies lives turn into after you die."

So here I am. At my funeral. Black roses, just like I wanted. Music is playing, very nice, mum is crying. My little sister doesn't even know what's happening, she's only three months old. My older sister isn't here, typical. My grandparents, aunts, cousins, and distant family are here, all whispering things like "oh, she was just so young" or "how unfortunate" but the worst was "sad that they lost her but at least they have this new baby, Grace."

I'm sort of floating here, just seeing all these people. They picked the wrong time to be around. I'd rather them be in my life as often as possible and them not come to my funeral, then not even call or visit when I was alive and then just show up now that I'm dead. I am drawn up to my casket, but I'm not sure why. I look at my earthly body and see how different I looked when I was alive. My body lays in the casket, black sundress on, my long brown wavy hair pulled out and around my head with flowers intertwined in it; rainbow dyed daisies. My nails panted dark purple and my sparrow necklace on my neck. Little details like that are the things I pay attention to. I've been told that I was OCD so that might be why.

As I look around I decide it's too crowded so I walk outside, I guess a little bit of me is left. I see a bright red and orange tree down the block so I walk to it. It's that perfect time of year when it's 65° out and these leaves crunching under your feet; and the breeze is incredible. I near the tree and start to climb it. I need to get some air and think.

Minutes pass and you'd think I'd have enough time to contemplate the world. Although I like being alone sometimes... I get lonely. I was never good with people though. I didn't mind that much because I have music, art, walks, and my best friends. As I climb down down the tree I see cars passing, probably from my funeral. I head back in and I notice my older brother Tim is holding baby Grace. He's the greatest brother in the world.

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