Shot In The Dark

Charlotte dies and tries to communicate to her family and best friend however she can, and while she floats around her family like a ghost she gets flashbacks and hurts from the memories. Half of the book is in Charlotte's point of view, the other half is in Michael's.


2. Authors Notes:

This book is dedicated to Justin Michael Tokar, thanks bro for all the good ideas that formed this book, let's hope it's a success. Rest in peace. xxxx

All the characters names are relevant and picked out for a purpose so if you'd ever like to hear a story about someone just ask where your favourite characters name came from.

I listened to music whilst writing this so any song Refrences are purely just from me listening as I wrote and felt the need that the song should be in my book. Also, on my spotify there is a playlist of every song in here. Check it out, my username is @ali_zeppelin

Enjoy, Shot In The Dark.

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