He left

I was goodi two shoes when he lef know he is back and i changed


2. he is back

I woke up in the morning took a bath , and decided to wear a black short shorts whith a really tight black crop top and for my dark blue hair i left it curly and did my smoky eye makeup . After that i went downstairs sat in the living room and started to smoke . After half an hour the door bell rang and i heard mom crying . After a while i heard harry's voice in the living room screaming my name and when his eyes landed on me they nearly poped out , so i smirked at his reaction amd then he said " WHO are you and WHAT did you do to my sister " sudenly 4 ather guys where watching us, i looked at him right in the eye and said "all this happened bcz of you" and with that i left the house going for my boyfriend's house . So how do you think it is ??? Plzzz say in the comments if i should delet it or continue :D
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